Call for Board Candidates

Are you:

  • Interested in being in the board of a non-profit, leading programmes or the association under Belgian law? 
  • Passionate about enabling other women to grow and succeed? 
  • Committed to promoting more gender balanced leadership in business and society? 
  • Motivated to contributing and making a difference for the development and success of PWI Brussels?
  • This is your chance!

Read our Volunteer Brochure to find out more about what we are looking for from our volunteers.  


The role of the Board of Directors is to: 

  • Be the guardians of our values and brand 
  • Ensure that we are in compliance and alignment with all legal responsibilities and requirements related to Belgian law regulating ASBL Associations.  
  • Develop the strategic direction for the Association and oversee administrative matters  
  • Develop our Corporate Partnerships  

  • Assure PWI Brussels representation and involvement in the business, political and social environment in which the Association operates  

  • Serve as a point of coordination for cooperation with other City networks and the PWN Global Federation Board  

  • Maintain the current level of membership of PWI Brussels, build our membership base and support our members 

  • Report back to the members at the AGM

  • Continuously strive to support our volunteers  


We hold an annual general meeting at which the Board and various members of the Executive Committee are elected by the voting members for the next 2 years. The Board must include at least the President and Treasurer, but other roles may change from year to year.

Please note that the next AGM will be held in May 2019 to approve the 2018 reports and accounts and to appoint the 2019-2021 board. 

Anyone interested in a position is encouraged to contact the current position holder for more information about the role. Or if you are interested in a role which does not yet exist, why not put forward your own suggestions?! For more information and job descriptions, please see Volunteer Opportunities

Roles available in 2019: 



Secretary General

VP Partnerships* 

VP Membership (Individuals)

VP Corporate Members

VP Marketing 

*Indicates that a current Board member will stand for this position, so anyone else applying would need to prepare for contested elections. The other roles will not be contested by the existing board members, but would be contested if more than one member were to apply for the same role. 

In addition, please note that we are seeking to appoint a Director of Mentoring as non-board role. 

How to apply

We invite all candidates who desire to take part in the growth and success of our association, to contact us by email expressing the reasons for your interest together with an up-to-date CV, defining your main areas of expertise and contribution. 

Please note that candidates should also be prepared to say a few words to the members at the AGM, before the vote. You must be a fully paid-up member at the date of the AGM in order to be eligible for election. 

Responsibilities under Belgian law

Please note that all directors are responsible for compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and statutes in Belgium, acting in the best interests of the members, treating members fairly, and are jointly and severally liable for any failures to comply. See also Association Governance

Conflicts of Interest  

As a general principle, Board members should avoid any actions or situations that might result in or create the appearance of using their association with PWI Brussels for private gain, giving unwarranted preferential treatment to any individual or organisation, losing independence or impartiality, or adversely affecting the Association’s reputation or confidence in its integrity.  

Rue Abbé Cuypers 3, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

PWI Brussels is a member of PWN Global.

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