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The 2019 edition of the Women & Money Programme at PWI Brussels is kindly sponsored by our partner The Fry Group Belgium, who will host us for a series of events on how women can take care of their wealth and ensure they take care of their financial situation, as individuals, as well as within their families. The event dates have been set and can be consulted in our 2019 Events Calendar.

On top of the events series kindly hosted by The Fry Group, from time to time we run events on negotiating a salary raise / asking to be paid as a consultant, personal pitching, pensions and investments, etc. If you would be interested in attending or organising one of these events, please let us know at events@pwi.be

Financial Statistics: 

A 2016 report from the Chartered Management Institute showed that a female manager would have to work for at least 14 years beyond her pensionable age of 65 to earn the same amount of money as a male counterpart. 

"This thing about being underpaid: as a woman you can think everything's fine, and then you find out you're being paid 20%, 50% less than someone else. I just felt horrified, appalled, hurt, wounded - it's not to do with the money, it's to do with value: you feel, I'm undervalued." 

  • Gender pay gap in Europe is 16.3% (Source: EIGE)​
  • Pensions gender gap in Europe is 38%
  • Women constitute 52% of the total European population but only 34.4% of self-employed and 30% of start-up entrepreneurs
  • Financing start-ups: in UK, male entrepreneurs are 86% more likely to be VC funded than their female counterparts and 59% more likely to secure angel investment ​
  • Research shows bias in economics profession​

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