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Dear PWI members and readers,
Since the beginning of the year, we have organized 23 events on very diverse themes. <<br>In the last quarter we had organised events for all our programmes: Mentoring, Women on Boards programme with an event at the EESC (details here),  Women & Technology program with the Panorama of Internet Tools for personal, SMEs and Corporate use. Our series of workshops is highly appreciated and was topped this quarter  ....[more]

 Q2 2013

Topic of the Edition - Being Fit for success

"May the Bioenergy be with you!"

Albertina, you are a respected expert in Bioenergetic Analysis, please tell us about the bioenergetics exercise classes; what is it and what are the major benefits, specifically for women?
Bioenergetic Analysis is a technique for the combined body and psyche created in the ’50s by Alexander Lowen (1910-2008), an American physician and psychotherapist. His technique states that a human being is a “unit” and therefore:
- If a physical trauma occurs then the psyche is also involved, or if a person is anxious their body is also impacted and reflects the symptoms of anxiety ... [more]
 Q2 2013

“Inner Journeys Outer Expression”

Ruth, when I glanced at your LinkedIn profile I realised you have a scientific background. You worked as a Senior Scientist and Environmental Projects Officer in your native country (the United Kingdom) and then made a significant change in your career when you moved to Belgium.
May I ask what inspired you to change your career direction and what were the main steps you took to re-invent yourself in your professional life?
Actually I have re-invented myself many times in the course of my professional life,  ... [more]
 Q2 2013


Ultimately the most important measure of the success of our Progressive, Diverse and Inclusive culture are the business results! 

Fanny and Maria, a PDI (Progressive, Diverse and Inclusive culture) strategy is in development for EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) in your company. Would you like to share it with us?
Ingersoll Rand’s PDI goal is to be a leader in fostering and engaging a progressive environment for all employees, because we believe that a diverse and inclusive culture is essential to our success in the marketplace.
Our efforts are intended to create a better work culture that reaches all employees regardless of gender, age, disability, and/or sexual orientation. ... [more]
 Q2 2013

Women & Technology

Promoting Engineering to Girls

Valerie, could you please tell us how you got involved in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to girls?
By education, I am an engineer, and already at University you see that there are not so many female colleagues, you feel like an exception. It didn’t bother me because I was very interested in my studies. After graduating, I began working in a completely male environment, and at that point I started to feel lonely, being the only woman in many teams. In 1996 I discovered the women engineers’ think tank at the Flemish Engineering ....[more]
 Q2 2013

Women & Career

Unleashing potential: developing a coaching style in management & leadership

Beverley, after more than 20 years’ experience working in international corporate communications in the ICT industry, a few years ago you made a big change in your career: you founded your own company and you became an executive coach and communication consultant.
How did this professional transformation process take place? What inspired you to make this change?
I thoroughly enjoyed my career in corporate communications and over the years I became known as someone who was interested in people and their  ...[more]
 Q2 2013

Leadership in space

Simonetta, I was fascinated when I learned that the asteroid number 21887 was named ‘’Dipippo’’ by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) as an acknowledgement of your commitment to space exploration!
Please tell us about this incredible achievement and about your passion for space and astrophysics; how did it start?
Asteroid 21887 “Dipippo” is a main-belt minor planet, which means it is in orbit around the Sun in a region between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter. It was discovered on October 20th, 1999 by ...[more]
 Q2 2013


Choral singing as a means of self-expression/realization

Janet, could you please introduce Brussels Choral Society?
I am very happy to have the opportunity to introduce the Brussels Choral Society. I joined this Choir in 2009. I've always been passionate about music. I consider music to be the true global language, which can connect people throughout the world.
Actually, the Brussels Choral Society is a small but very good example of this. It was founded in 1979 and is now Belgium's largest amateur symphony choir. It consists of over 120 members  ...[more]
 Q2 2013


The BCT – help on every aspect from pregnancy to parenthood

I was looking at your website and I see that the BCT in Belgium was founded 35 years ago.  Can you explain what the Brussels Childbirth Trust is and who are your members?
The Brussels Childbirth Trust (BCT) was started 35 years ago by a group of British ex-pats and works along similar lines to the National Childbirth Trust in Britain.  Primarily we provide pre-natal and post-natal courses, but our activities have now expanded into more of a networking and communal role with coffee mornings and music and dance groups. We have also expanded outside Brussels with groups in e.g. Leuven/Leefdaal/Everburg,  ...[more]
 Q2 2013


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