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President's welcome

Dear PWI members and readers,
First of all I would like you to join me in welcoming our new Silver corporate member Atlas Copco. Soon we will organise a networking drink for new members. You are all welcome to join! Stay tune!
Since the beginning of the year, we were pleased to propose you 6 different events. I hope each of you could find interesting topics for them in it. If you would like to suggest new topics, or if you have participate to an excellent presentation that you would like to share with the other PWI’s member...[more]

 Q2 2014

Topic of the Edition - Evolution

Forensic Sciences and Graphology

Graphology, this mysterious and intriguing word ... I guess there are still many biases, myths and confusion about graphology …
Lidia, for example, what do you think about the dialogue (1) where Sherlock Holmes pontificates about the psychological analysis of handwriting (in Guy Ritchie’s movie “ Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”)?
Indeed, Alessandra, there is still ambiguity around graphology!
Despite his elegant tone, what Sherlock explains are, in my opinion, only fanciful assertions because none of his sentences corresponds – not evenly slightly – to the graphology methods of which I am an expert. I wonder whether the scriptwriters  ... [more]
 Q2 2014

The evolution of the gynaecology practice

Dr. Pellò, how has women’s overall approach to their health changed in recent years?
What might be the main reasons for this change?
Everybody, not just women, is changing their approach to what we call today “health”. Health is seen as a global form of wellbeing, where medical sciences are only a contribution, and where life style, nutrition and psychological wellbeing are other important contributions.
There are many reasons for this new holistic approach: a much wider diffusion of information, much closer interpersonal communications, and the inputs via the media. Medical and paramedical personnel have ... [more]
 Q2 2014


Introducing Lean Management
Christine, I’m curious: you are an engineer, what led you to choose your profession?
When I was young I was good at mathematics, but didn’t want to become a teacher, so I decided to go for engineering studies. This profession gives many career opportunities and a great variety of subjects. When I was working as Mechanical Engineer in the automotive industry, I was requested to implement an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning is a series of integrated applications managing the complete organisation from the Manufacturing workflow and up to Finance, HR and others). This was my first experience in IT, and I continued from then on in the IT discipline. I like that domain ..... [more]
 Q2 2014

An amazing success story!

Dear Sonia, Could you tell us a bit about yourself, your studies, and the beginning of your career?
When I was 18 years old, I hesitated about the path I wanted to follow towards the future. As a matter of fact, I wanted to join the army to become a fighter pilot... But this was not possible at that time, so finally I decided to become an airline pilot and to do the exam. I wasn’t successful, so to avoid losing one year, my father advised me to enter a Business School and I selected ICHEC. I graduated 4 years later, in June 1988, in Marketing. Thanks to the reputation of this school, I very quickly found a job in an IT starter (software house) where I joined a team of 2 people. My job was very polyvalent:  .... [more]
 Q2 2014

Women & Technology

Interview with Ada Sekirin, the “ICT Woman of the Year” award winner 2013

Ada, last year you received the Datanews award “ICT Woman of the year”. Could you present yourself and tell us about your career?
I studied information technology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). The degree was quite new, it was only the 6th year it was being given, to help you identify the period: we were programming with punch cards! In 1992, along with some friends I founded a consultancy company for the banking sector called “Flux Consultancy” where I took care of the area of data warehouse. It was the very beginning of that sector, ....[more]
 Q2 2014


Women & Career

Improving the quality of service to tourists in Brussels

Huguette, you have grown up in Brussels and have worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years having held positions as general manager in different 4 and 5 star hotels. How is tourism changing in general and in Brussels?
Tourism is an ever-expanding business, even in a time of crises. People need to escape from reality - it has become a way of life. However, with globalization, there is an urgent need for the destinations (and hotels) to differentiate themselves and work on quality. If they do not, competition will just become a question of pricing, with very nasty economic consequences. Brussels is no exception...[more]
 Q2 2014


The Lady who swims the oceans “Find a sport that brings you joy”

Jennifer, you have become the first woman to swim the Atlantic, crossing the ocean in 24 days (1). Why did you want to cross the Atlantic?
The idea came in 1964, when I was eleven years old and flying over the Atlantic to visit my mother (the opera singer Margherita Roberti) who was living in Milan. I simply told my mum that I wanted to swim in the middle of the ocean … of course this idea created a lot of turbulence. Just imagine - my mother thought that people who sailed the ocean were crazy to take the risk. I used to sail a lot with my father, who unfortunately died from cancer, and I committed myself to do what  ...[more]
 Q2 2014



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