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Dear PWI members and readers,
During the last quarter,  we were very pleased to have a very informative and constructive event on breast cancer with presentations by Pr. Martine Piccart and Pr. Marc Abramovitch and with the support of  Serge Schmitz from  BIG ( Breast International Group). Dont forget to donate to support the research!
On a total different matter, Ivana Havranova from Obelis s.a. was the lucky winner of the draw for a one week immersion in Business english immersion at the  Abbey Communication school in England. Ivana is the second winner, you can read about the experience of our first winner, Ana Escarpenter, in this issue....[more]

 Q3 2014


Ocean colour science in the service of the Earth

Ewa Kwiatkowska tells how her passion has driven her professional development and how monitoring ocean water colour helps us solve local and global problems.
Ewa, you are an ocean colour remote sensing scientist, please, tell us about ocean colour ….
Ocean colour observed from satellites provides information on bio-optical (1) properties of the oceans. In the open ocean, these properties are primarily determined by marine phytoplankton (2) and their main photosynthetic pigment – chlorophyll-a.
Phytoplankton regulate carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the oceans and the atmosphere, like plants
.... [more]
 Q3 2014

Women & Technology


Patrice, could you present us Digital Europe to us?
DIGITALEUROPE is the voice of the digital industry in Europe. Its membership combines about 60 corporations at the leading edge of global competition in IT, consumer electronics and network equipment and 36 national trade associations which provide us with a unique gateway to thousands of SMEs across Europe.
On top of its regular advocacy on a variety of topics (see reference [1]), DIGITALEUROPE ....[more]
 Q3 2014


Women & Career

Need for Love

Karianne, after several years’ experience working in change and project management in law enforcement, one and a half years’ ago you reinvented your career: you became a relationship counselor. How did your professional transformation process take place? What inspired you to make this change?
First of all, thank you for inviting me to the PWI Magazine, I feel honored to share my story with you.
My transformation process began with a visualization of the future. I imagined myself working in law enforcement for the next 30 years and I knew I had to do something different. I thought that in order to
 Q3 2014


Bringing music to the heart of people

Giusy, can you tell us what inspired you to become a classical pianist when you were a child?
I was lucky to be born into a family of music lovers. Both my grandfathers played many instruments by ear (guitar, mandolin, accordion, clarinet and keyboard) and, when I was a child, I was absolutely fascinated by my father playing the electric keyboard.
I started reproducing sounds and songs by playing on a little keyboard bought for me by my father who was rather jealous every time I tried to touch his cherished instruments.
Then I started attending a dance beginner course where there was a pianist accompanying
 Q3 2014

The Unlikely Story of a Tibetan Woman

<<Nowhere to call home: A Tibetan in Beijing>> (2) is your first documentary, selected from amongst 800 films for the Millennium Film Festival in Brussels. The film talks about the life of a Tibetan mountain woman whose husband dies, leading her to become a street vendor in Beijing to support her young son. It addresses gender discrimination in her community.
You've lived in Beijing since 2001, what inspired you to make this film?
One of the frustrations for foreign correspondents working in China is the government’s near-ban on reporting in Tibetan regions.  At the time I thought the world hears about Tibetans in exile, Buddhist Lamas and literate Tibetans, but  ...[more]
 Q3 2014


Take your business English a step up in a week's time!
Last July I had a chance to take part in one of the “Intensive Business English” courses offered by Abbey Communication.
It proved to be a very nice experience, professionally and personally.
Many thanks to Alex and Sarah, the directors, and the friendly team of experienced teachers.
Thanks as well to PWI for introducing such opportunities through the PWI Brussels network.

Have you ever had the idea of brushing up your business English but never knew where to go or where to start looking for a course suited to your busy professional and private life? I found what I needed at a UK-based specialist provider of personalized intensive ...[more]
 Q3 2014


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