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Year: 2023

1January, 2023February
Feb 07 Your Path Sharing Bubble - February VIRTUAL SESSION
Mar 04 PWI International Women's Day Gala 2023 - Saturday, 4th of March
Mar 07 Your Path Sharing Bubble - March VIRTUAL SESSION
Mar 16 Leadership Workshop: Powerful Communication, using your voice and body.
Mar 20 PWN Global Webinar with Clifford Chance: Gender Balance on Corporate Boards - Targets for Equal Representation across Europe
Mar 30 PWN Global Webinar: Why Good Leaders Practise Tough Empathy and Why It Matters
Apr 20 PWN Global Webinar: Are you ready for the future of work?
Apr 20 PWI STEAM PROGRAM - Supply Chain Connect Event
May 02 Your Path Sharing Bubble - May VIRTUAL SESSION
May 25 PWI STEAM PROGRAM - Digital Transformation Connect Event
May 25 Celebration Mentoring Program - Closing Session
Jun 06 Your Path Sharing Bubble - June VIRTUAL SESSION
Jun 07 Annual General Meeting 2023
Jun 28 Networking: Stories of Empowerment and Encouragement
Jul 06 PWN Global Webinar: Are you an overthinker?
Aug 30 Networking: Stories of Empowerment and Encouragement
Sep 11 PWI YP 1 Path 3 Streams: Launching Event 2023-24 Edition
Sep 13 Rise & Lead Summit 2023: "Breaking Barriers; Building Bridges: Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Leadership."
Sep 14 PWN Global Webinar: Breathing into self leadership. Change your breathing - Change your life
Sep 19 PWI STEAM PROGRAM - Sustainability Connect Event
Sep 21 PWI Mentoring Programme 2023-24 - Speed Dating Event
Sep 25 Kick-off event Your Dynamics In Spiral
Oct 02 Your Path Sharing Bubble - October SESSION
Oct 05 PWN Global Webinar: Harness the Power of Innovation Strategy
Oct 05 PWI Mentoring Programme WAVE 2023-2024- Kick-off Event
Oct 16 Your Dynamics In Spiral
Oct 18 World Young Scientist Summit
Oct 23 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
Nov 06 Your Path Sharing Bubble - November VIRTUAL SESSION
Nov 13 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
Nov 16 Network is your Strength! Special Event by Marina Rinaldi, Ya.Be and PWI.
Nov 20 Your Dynamics In Spiral
Nov 28 PWI STEAM PROGRAM - Innovation Connect Event
Nov 30 PWN Global Webinar: How to Be a Top Speaker and Improve Your Leadership Presence
Dec 04 Your Path Sharing Bubble - December ONSITE & VIRTUAL SESSION
Dec 11 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
Dec 12 Networking: Stories of Empowerment and Encouragement - Christmas Edition
Dec 18 Your Dynamics In Spiral

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