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President's Editorial Women & Career
Topic of the Edition -  Building the pipeline to the board Labour Market
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President's Editorial

President's welcome

Dear members and friends of PWI,
Since the last magazine, the team has been extremely busy organizing events for you and launching our new Mentoring’s programme. We are pleased to let you know that our first mentor/mentee’s pairs are starting their journey. We will keep you posted on the programme. Mentoring is really something that can benefit to everyone. It helps the mentees to develop and advance through their career. The mentors can gain extra skills and understanding too. We will start a new session in April 2012, be ready for it!.
The team is working hard on two other programs. We want to launch in the course of 2012: one program for the young generation and another to help companies to work on their retention programs to ....[more]
Autumn 2011

Topic of the Edition - Building the women pipeline to the board: Talent & Recruitment

“Recruiting is clearly a job for senior managers …”

PWI – Mr. Molinaroli, how do you define "talent"?
Mr. Molinaroli – Talent is an opportunity that individuals may decide to exploit (or not) to further develop their contribution to the overall growth of themselves and the community they belong to (a company, in most cases, but also a local community). In this respect, a talented person is not “doomed” to use his or her talent but has the freedom to decide if and how to use his/her talent. For this very reason, I am convinced that pledges and  ...[ more ]
Autumn 2011

Globalisation, gender and generational gaps will be hard challenges for recruitment

PWI – Chiara, how do you define "talent"?
Ms. Mancardi – Let me first go to my “old dictionary” definition of talent, before defining talent in the perspective of recruitment and talent management: “Talent is a group of aptitudes that are useful for some activities. Aptitudes are innate components of a competency as opposed – for instance – to knowledge and understanding, that can be learned; or acquired abilities to do a certain kind of work and at a certain level. Aptitudes may be physical or mental and the innate nature of aptitudes is in contrast to achievement, which represents knowledge or abilities that are gained”. ...[more]
Autumn 2011

Recruitment? A matter of speed and Quality

PWI – Salvatore, how do you define "talent"?
Mr. Maranto - “Talent” is the flair in an individual able to quickly bring about impressive results and innovation, through a “magic” mix of: management skills, technical-functional skills, personal qualities and stamina, commitment and values.
PWI – Salvatore, in your opinion, is “leadership” a talent?
Mr. Maranto - Leadership may be a component of a talented person
... [more]
Autumn 2011


"Thanks, Ladies! Lessons learned from female bosses"

Alessandro, you mentioned to me that in your career you had the opportunity to cooperate with clever female bosses and peers, who taught you a lot. Could you please give me some examples?
Mr. Musumeci – True, Alessandra! During my career I had the chance to work with some exceptional female bosses, who taught me ethics and management. Here are some brief personal stories:
a) In 1979 I started working as a math’s teacher in a school close to Rome; I was a student who was 23/24 years old, completing my university studies to become a mechanical engineer. I had no clue about the work environment... [more]

Autumn 2011

"Do what you enjoy"

Knowing that the skills we have are adequate for the job is one of the requirements for being in the flow, as a state of consciousness where we are so absorbed by what we are doing that we don’t even notice the passage of time – hours feel like minutes.
For flow to occur, we need to have a balance between our skills and the high challenges we are tasked with. When the challenge is high, yet the skill set for the challenge is low, we are in a state of anxiety. If this condition persists for prolonged periods of time, without relief, we enter a cycle of stress  ... [more]
Autumn 2011

Women & Career

I can "JUMP"
PWI – Isabella, you are a member of PWI. What inspired you to join PWI Brussels?
Ms. Lenarduzzi – What I really like about PWI is that you meet very ambitious and highly qualified women coming from various professions (freelances, managers, entrepreneurs), nationalities and languages. It’s not that easy in Brussels to combine together French-speaking women and Dutch-speaking women and have such a mix of backgrounds in the membership.
PWI - Isabella, how many of your business dreams have you been able to realize?

Ms. Lenarduzzi – Alessandra, my business dreams are always related ...[more]
Autumn 2011

Labour Market

Action for Girls: “When we support the rights of girls, we create a better world for everyone”

In PWI we foster the professional progress of women, but we cannot ignore the "little women” that have little or no chance to realise themselves.Please tell me more about the PLAN campaign "Because I am a girl", it touches me very much.
Ms. Schroh – The goal of the campaign is basically to help millions of girls realize their full potential. How? By raising money for programmes that benefit girls, but also by doing advocacy to raise awareness.
All Know the problems girls face: girls around the world still suffer ...[more]
Autumn 2011

Miscellaneous & mails to the editor

PWI Communication Tools

Dear All,
Starting from this edition the PWI Magazine will only include featured articles never published before.
This implies that the PWI Magazine will no longer include the following sections, but:
     •    “Future Events” section has become a new page/tab in our website
     •    “Spotted by our Members”, “Feedback from our past Events” and “Upcoming Events in Belgium, “Upcoming Events in Belgium” have been moved to the new PWI Blog (also on our website). [more]

Autumn 2011

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