Work-Life Balance

What is work-life balance? And how can we achieve it?

Many members are interested to balance their many responsibilities between work, travel, children, elderly parents, etc. 

Women traditionally do more work at home and have less free time than men. How can we rebalance? How do we agree a fairer share with our partners? What is best practice? What is happening at EU level? 

If you would be interested to discuss these issues with other members, please contact Beverley

You can also work on your personal development goals in our Mentoring Programme, or work with one of the coaches in membership. 


Across the OECD, 10% of people aged over 50 provide some kind of care to the elderly. Two-thirds of these are women. 

Useful links: 

Charter for Engaging Men from our sister network PWN Istanbul 

EU proposal for directive on work-life balance for parents and carers 2017 (under discussion)   

Speech on work-life balance proposal by Commissioner Thyssen to EWLA 

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