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President's welcome

Dear members and friends of PWI,
Writing this sitting by my fire place, my favorite blanket wrapped tight around me …yet it is Spring!
Since the beginning of the year, we have organized 14 events on very diverse themes. We have launched our workshops series which have been very successful and participated to the Women2020 initiative.
We have also started our Women & Technology program.
Tonight was the General Assembly. At this occasion,   ....[more]
 Q1 2013

Topic of the Edition - Pushing Limits

It’s a matter of citizenship ...Verona in the world through its citizens

Mr. Di Dio, would you like to illustrate the mandate you were given by the Mayor of Verona to build a bridge between Verona and their citizens /emigrants around the world?
In these six years my work has been to increase the knowledge of the over 40 circles of Verona located throughout the world. 
Thanks to these years of experience we could define a best practice model to manage the relationships with our emigrants and - with your support, Alessandra - we are implementing this  ... [more]
 Q1 2013

 Life risking for life rescuing: a brave lady's story of her work with RNLI

You seem to have always had a very close connection to the sea. Was this because you grew up beside the sea or do you have family members who have been sailors?
I have lived in Hastings all my life and I watched the lifeboat launch many times when I was growing up. My mum has been a volunteer in the Lifeboat Shop and Visitor Centre for as long as I can remember and we used to go down to see her when she was working. I remember the excitement of the maroons being fired and the lifeboat launching. I admired the crews that selflessly put to sea in all conditions ... [more]
 Q1 2013


“Intellectual generosity and leadership are always rewarded and do help women move up faster” 

What is inclusion in your opinion, Rosa?
For me, inclusion above all means listening. It is about creating a work environment where openness is encouraged and everybody is free to contribute with his/her own personal ideas, without worrying whether they are at odds with the views of the majority.
Women excel in bringing forth new ideas, but unfortunately often they do not have the courage to speak up.
Which are the major lessons you have personally learned ... [more]
 Q1 2013

Women & Career

How did you start your career and how have you reached your present level?
I started my career as a professional in a parapublic organization: it took a few years to reach the first management position and then I progressed within the organization that has undergone several changes till it was incorporated into a Ministry.
What have been the events/persons that have been favourable to your career progress?
I had the privilege to have bosses who acted as mentors. With their support I took ....[more]
 Q1 2013


 “Gender” is a relationship in a particular social context, that is enacted, reproduced, thus it can also be transformed…
Maria, you won a prize for academic excellence from the Lausanne University. Could you tell us more about that?
My PhD thesis about the well-being among senior women managers was awarded this prize by the Social and Political Science Faculty (SSP-UNIL), because of the originality of the methodology that I developed and of the practical implications of my research for women, health and work issues…I must admit it was a beautiful surprise, a wonderful reward for my work.
Why and how have you been inspired to research on women and business? ...[more]
 Q1 2013

The art of asking the “right” questions 
Nadine, when I read the below sentence by Margaret Wheatley in her book “Leadership and the New Science”, I started wondering how approaches and methods could be correctly applied to the different people or organisations, assuming “… everything depends on context”.
I had the chance to meet you and to appreciate your unique multi-faceted style and competencies, so I thought that it would be great to solicit your comment on this sentence in regard to coaching.
In a quantum world, everything depends on context, on the unique relationships available ...[more]
 Q1 2013


An authentic insight about the role of a diplomat’s spouse

Claire, what do you consider as your role, non-institutional, as the wife of an Italian diplomat living abroad?
The role of an Italian diplomat’s wife is quite different according to the post, the position and the office of her husband. For example, when it is a multilateral post, that is to say an embassy to an international organization like the Italian Permanent Representation to the UE in Brussels, where my husband is working at the moment, her role is less important and visible than when it is a bilateral post (an embassy to another State or a consulate), because there are fewer social events, it is mainly office work. ... [more]
 Q1 2013


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