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Registration and payment are compulsory prior to the each event. Registration deadlines are outlined in the details of each event.

'No shows' and cancellations after the registration deadline will be invoiced.

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Year: 2024

1January, 2024
Jan 08 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
Jan 10 PWI Book Club “Book Your Time”
Jan 15 Your Dynamics In Spiral
Jan 25 PWN Global Webinar: You get value. I win! The Art of Impactful Negotiation
Feb 05 Your Path Sharing Bubble - February VIRTUAL SESSION
Feb 12 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
Feb 19 Your Dynamics In Spiral
Feb 22 PWN Global Webinar: To Make Better Decisions, Get A Purple Team
Mar 04 Your Path Sharing Bubble - March VIRTUAL SESSION
Mar 08 PWN Global: Summit 2024 (Strasbourg)
Mar 11 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
Mar 16 PWI International Women's Day Gala 2024 - Saturday, 16th of March
Mar 18 Your Dynamics In Spiral
Mar 28 PWN Global Webinar: Remaining a Visionary During Times of Challenges and Crises
Apr 08 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
Apr 10 PWI Book Club “Book Your Time”
Apr 15 Your Dynamics In Spiral
Apr 18 PWN Global Webinar: Face Your Fears and Achieve Any Goal
Apr 18 Workshop on Adaptive Leadership!
May 13 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
May 16 PWN Global Webinar: Leadership and Love hosted by Roffey Park
May 20 Your Dynamics In Spiral
May 23 Networking: Stories of Empowerment and Encouragement
Jun 03 Your Path Sharing Bubble - June SESSION
Jun 10 Your Path ‘Our Circle’ program
Jun 17 Sustainable Procurement Webinar
Jun 20 PWN Global Webinar: How to Clear the Blocks to Your Abundance
Jun 21 Your Path Sharing Bubble - Final June SESSION
Jun 27 Annual General Meeting 2024
Jul 01 End of Your Dynamics In Spiral
Jul 10 PWI Book Club “Book Your Time”
Oct 09 PWI Book Club “Book Your Time”

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