Mentoring is an excellent way to advance your career. As a mentee you'll be under the wing of a mentor, who serves as a trusted role model. As a mentor you develop your l eadership skills. In these rapidly changing times, professional women need all the support and guidance they can get. 

Since 2011, PWI Brussels brings together experienced and driven senior women with mentees to support both on their professional journey. 

Click to watch a short video that explains what you can expect from mentoring under PWI's auspices.

What makes this programme unique?

The PWI Mentoring Programme combines all of the valuable aspects below: 

  • Based in Brussels, the heart of Europe, where women from many different nationalities and a whole range of industries are both seeking and offering guidance. 

  • Issues are not limited to work. Although it is a programme aimed at professional development, we acknowledge that human beings are not one-dimensional, so mentees seek mentoring on matters ranging from career advice or career switch, to work relationships and personal development. 

  • A different perspective: it’s likely that you will be mentored by someone who is not in your industry and has a fresh pair of eyes. 

  • Tailor-made: mentees make a shortlist of preferred mentors, which forms the basis for the match-making by the support team.

  • A safe space: mentoring happens outside the organisation you work in, which makes it easier to be frank. 

  • Woman-to-woman: mentors are experienced women, which makes it possible to bring up issues men don’t usually have to deal with. 

  • That said, we do strive to include male allies: in 2019-20 we had the first two male mentees from one of our corporate partners. The experience was good: we continue to engage men.

  • The selflessness of the mentors: they are not paid, but act from a warm heart and deep desire to support fellow women on their path. 

  • Win-win: mentors say they learn from their mentees too, who are, after all, women with a lot of expertise as well. The experience boosts their confidence too. 

  • Strong support: volunteers from the Mentoring Team keep the finger on the pulse at all times.  

  • Bonus: the mentoring relationship can turn into a friendship. Several pairs decided to keep in touch.

Participants have rated their satisfaction with the mentoring relationship 4.9 /5 on average. Recommending the program: 4.6/5 . Support from PWI Mentoring Team: 4.3/5 , Contribution to personal and professional growth: 4.6 /5.  

I'm interested in becoming a Mentee

Why join?

A mentor is not only a role model, but also a trusted advisor who inspires, builds confidence and offers new perspectives to a mentee on how to achieve her goals. Mentoring can ignite a woman’s professional success.

If you:

  • are looking for guidance on how to advance your career

  • want a different perspective on how to tackle a work-related issue

  • are ready to step out of your comfort zone and boost your confidence

… join the PWI Mentoring Program as a mentee. You will benefit from the knowledge of an experienced mentor, who is willing to share her wisdom, expertise and perspective with you. The program is open for PWI members and the members of its affiliated PWN Global City Networks. 

How does the program work?

Mentees receive a total of 8 hours of 1:1 mentoring sessions over a period of 8 months either face to face or online, with one of our highly experienced and professional mentors, plus the support of the Mentoring Team.

What you get:

  • Speed-dating event to narrow down your choice of mentors

  • Match-making by the volunteering team, based on mutual preferences

  • Kick-off event to consolidate the relationship and get introduced to the do’s and don’ts of the program

  • 8 hours of individual sessions (face-to-face or call) with your mentor, which you can schedule to your convenience

  • Reasonable access to your mentor by email or whatsapp in mutual agreement

  • Monthly E-café - virtual meetings around work-related topics.

  • Close support from the mentoring team. 

  • Informal dinners with other mentees --if circumstances allow

  • Mentoring tools, surveys, assessments, articles, books recommendations to assist the mentoring process

How do you register as a PWI Mentee?

Become a member of PWI Brussels to be eligible for the Mentoring Programme.

The Mentorship is offered at a dramatically reduced rate, but not completely free. We ask members to contribute 250 euros for the administrative upkeep of the programme and the end celebration. 

Information for Mentors 

Mentoring is a powerful way to grow, also for mentors. Many mentors have commented that this experience felt like a new leadership role, and offered a fresh perspective on their own career path. If you:

  • want to invest in the future of a fellow human being, helping her or him grow and develop in her career

  • have at least 10 years of work experience in an organisation (corporate or non-corporate)

  • are willing to share your knowledge, expertise and perspective with a mentee who has less experience

  • want to enhance your own mentoring and leadership skills with this rewarding experience

  • are willing to engage on a voluntary base under the roof of PWI, using its program structure and support of the Mentoring Team

then please consider becoming a mentor for PWI.

I'm interested in becoming a Mentor  

Please note that in order to become a mentor, you need to be a member of PWI. You can sign up here

Click to watch a short video that explains what you can expect from mentoring.

>Click here to find the Mentoring Program Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have more questions, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help you.


2023-24 Mentoring Programme Calendar

Call for Mentors June - September (Deadline September 3th
Call for Mentees June - September (Deadline September 3th
Speed Dating Event (Mandatory)
21 September 2023
Kick-off Meeting (Mandatory)

05 October 2023

Upcoming Mentoring Events

  • No upcoming events

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