PWI Mentoring Programme


Why have we given priority to mentoring?
Mentoring plays a critical role in the progression of women professionals in all sectors.
Research strongly suggests that working with a Mentor can make a significant difference to the professional advancement of a Mentee. Having a role model and a trusted advisor is not only inspiring, but can build confidence and lead to seeing new ways of achieving goals.
Mentoring offers women the professional role models they need to ignite their professional success.

In October 2011, PWI Brussels launched its Mentoring Programme with success. Since then it provides its Mentoring Programme to its members, as well as to its affiliated PWN Global City Networks.
Because diversity is a vital tool in our Mentoring Programme, our Mentors are from either Belgium or other countries.

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If you want to give back,
become a mentor!

Enrich your development,
become a mentee!*
*Mentees must be PWI members.

Upcoming Mentoring Events

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