Your Path - Creating Career Choices

Are you at a career crossroads or in career transition?

Are you looking for a change of direction or new perspectives, ideas and advice to cope with a difficult period in your life?

Would you like support?

    The Your Path programme is for you! Our programme helps you invigorate and inspire your next career move through the power of affecting pro-active change in a community of supportive women. The Your Path programme offers three key points of contact to members:

    1. "Sharing Bubbles": Come and join our monthly meeting where we help each other affect pro-active change in our careers. It takes place every first Tuesday of the month. The evening is loosely structured with a short exercise to get us thinking and discussing our next steps and takes place during happy hour at Aloft Hotel near Schuman. 

      Read what our members think about Sharing Bubbles.

    2. Our "Sharing Circles" are closed groups that combine training and peer-to-peer coaching and use the power of co-development to help women thrive in their professional growth.  During the Sharing Circles, approximately eight women and one coach gather to learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to others. In each session, the participant in the ‘hot seat’ (not mandatory) shares a situation, then the others ask clarification questions, followed by in depth questions. After a moment of reflection each participants gives personal advice to the person in the ‘hot seat’. By participating, you  will be working on your own personal development and, through storytelling, contributing to the development of other women.
      It is a win – win process where participation is equal and all attendees benefit from the supportive and authentic nature of the circle itself.

      Get a feel for the power of co-development and Sharing Circle from Giulia's testimonial.


      ·        The peer coaching relationship is reciprocal, designed, and confidential.

      ·        Peer coaching is a channel for awareness, insight and increased competency.

      ·        The agenda for peer coaching is deepening learning and forwarding action.

      ·        Peer coaches are creative, resourceful and responsible for their own learning.

      ·        Peer coaches are curious, intuitive and catalytic.


      ·        Set GOALS for the session, the short-term, and the long-term.

      ·        Do a REALITY check to explore the current situation.

      ·        Create OPTIONS and alternative strategies or courses of action.

      ·        Lock in WHAT is to be done, WHEN, by WHOM, and the WILL to do it.


      ·        Ask powerful questions

      ·        Listen on levels one, two and three

      ·        Acknowledge and champion

      ·        Request and challenge

      ·        Hold accountability

    3. “Your Dynamics in Spiral” is a process consisting of 8 sessions during which the participating women will go, session after session, through the 8 stages of personal development individually. Collectively they will advance in a respectful, benevolent and supportive atmosphere. Each monthly session (3rd Tuesday of the month) will be facilitated using collective intelligence participatory generative interactive tools and activities. The space will be held by a professional coach.

      Why dynamic(s) in spiral? What’s at the heart of our dynamics? What are some of the paradigms life faces us with? What strategies can support/help us?

      Discover the answers to these questions while (re)writing the path of your life!

    4. Ad-hoc events: Sign up for our events in the PWI Brussels calendar. These are stand-alone meetings, with a subject that support our overarching theme of facilitating career transition and progression.

    The focus of this programme is on personal development.

    Upcoming events

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