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 President's Editorial

President's welcome

Dear members and friends of PWI,
Today, after almost 6 years, I have the great pleasure of handing over the association to a newly elected PWI president and board.
Since its creation in 1991, Professional Women International Brussels has been quite unique in its effort to promote talent and sharing among senior and high potential business women, in a culture of openness, true diversity and inclusiveness for ladies of all origins...[more]
Spring 2011

2011 TIAW AWARDS – A unique opportunity.
Nominate the "unsung" heroes that make a difference for women around you!

TIAW logo  A unique opportunity for you to endorse women that “made a difference - How? Submit your nominations for the TIAW World of Difference 100 Awards!
As a PWI Brussels member you are offered the tremendous opportunity to help raise the profile of women and men who have accomplished extraordinary things for women’s economic power, including well-known women and men as well as “unsung heroines”, who often work with little or no recognition. There are women ... [more]
Spring 2011
Call for Board and Executive Members
Help Wanted  As the number of our activities keeps on growing, we are looking for dynamic women to reinforce the PWI team in areas such as Events Organisation, Marketing Communications, PR, Sponsorship Relations, Membership Relations, Administration, etc.
If you are interested in becoming part of our PWI team and contributing to the success of a dynamic organisation, whilst enhancing your own visibility and career profile, come and join us! ... [more]
Spring 2011
PWI Newsletter Readership Survey


Dear PWI Newsletter Readership,
We would like to invite you all to actively participate in the choice of subjects for the newsletter in 2011. The aim is to combine the PWI Editor’s theme proposals with your areas of interest, therefore the survey will be run concurrently with this year’s first edition of the newsletter. ... [more]

Spring 2011
Contribute to the Newsletter
Writers needed

We encourage our Readership to contribute to the content of the PWI Newsletter in order to make the PWI Newsletter a more vibrant and participative communication arena.
For PWI Members only
Call for Profiles All PWI Members are invited to submit a profile to the newsletter. Please send the Editor... [more]

Spring 2011

Topic of the Edition - Women under the spotlight

Tapping into Talent: 1st Pan European Event In Madrid


EuropeanPWN connected more than 200 of its leaders and stakeholders across cultures, generations, genders, functions and sectors….and on Feb. 10, TOGETHER, we pushed the progress of women in business! The 1st Pan European event held in Madrid and titled, Tapping Into Talent, linked more than 15 partners/sponsors, 20 speakers from Women on Boards ...[more] Spring 2011
Women have a talent for Human Resource Management!
Roberto Carlini
PWI – Roberto, the HR Unit under your responsibility - Recruitment and End of Service – employs plenty of ladies. This is an encouraging signal - could you please tell us more about the percentage of women in your unit and more generally across the European Commission?
Mr. Carlini – According to the HR Report 2010, around 50% of employees are women of which more than 25% hold senior management positions. At “Board” level, the European Commission has 9 women out  ... [more]
Spring 2011
Hospitality: a new trend sector for women?
G. Ubbelhode PWI – The hospitality industry is characterised by a significant number of women in a range of different positions. Could you please tell me more about whether women are in leading positions? Are there many women board members?
Mr.Ubbelohde –The last several decades has been a period of remarkable change and growth for women in the field. In restaurants, hotels, catering firms, resorts, meetings … and many other venues throughout the events industry, women are becoming much more visible in management roles and other key positions.
Although women have come a long way in the workplace...[more]
Spring 2011


“Women Leaders – Damned if they do, Damned if they don’t”
In the current web of intense economic upheaval and stark political change, the need for talented, visionary women leaders has never been greater. Questions regarding the management of employees as well as objectives, competition and new technologies throw in sharp perspective the very ways in which we identify leadership skills in ourselves and in others. Indeed, it is as indispensible and desirable to recognise the value of good leadership as it is to evaluate financial results and quarterly results, simply because the two are inextricably connected ...[more] Spring 2011
“The Mentor”. Leading by example and ethic

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou

When I started working I was a strong shy type. Strong because I knew I could do it, shy because I needed a nudge and some encouragement to see I could fly. I had a boss who took the time to see my potential, support me and guide me. She taught me how to be professional, reminded me that my personal values define who I am  ... [more]
Spring 2011

Women & Career

The Woman's Voice: Her Magical Combination of Femininity and Strength
Marie Terese Letorney, International Voice Specialist, Founder/Director of ASK YOUR VOICE led a special «Master Class» for PWI assisting women to explore the beauty, power and importance of their ‘female voice’ in the work environment and involving the participants in specific scenarios.
PWI – Marie Terese, enhancing people’s voice potential is your mission. How would you describe the importance of the human voice, what does the voice tell about a person? ..[more]
Spring 2011
PWI Member Profile – Sonia Neefs: a career shift at fifty?

PWI – What inspired you to join PWI Brussels?
Mrs. Neefs – I joined PWI Brussels fifteen years ago because I was impressed by the quality of the speakers and of the organised events. I liked the dynamism of the PWI members.
PWI – What is your current profession?
Mrs. Neefs – I am an event organiser for company incentives, weddings and other unforgettable events. Around twenty years ago, I founded my company “Organization Services”, ... [more]
Spring 2011

Labour Market

Today's careers? More like rollercoasters… Maybe scary, but fun!

PWI – How is the current labour market evolving?
Mr. Claasen – According to recent career change statistics (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) the average person will be making a career change approximately 5-7 times during their working life. For example, Americans average 3-5 career/employer changes by the age of 38. For the youngster, the forecast is to change employer even 10 times, meaning approximately every 3 years!. ..[more]
Spring 2011

Spotted by our Members

Sherryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions -- and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite. Click here

Spotted by: Katleen De Bauw and Alessandra Zocca

Spring 2011
The Other Half : The top 50 companies for women in 2011
"THE OTHER HALF", an interesting blog by Jenna Goudreau, who built the women's channel, ForbesWoman, dedicated to the business world’s other half, meaning the women who now make up 50% of the workforce. Here you’ll find Jenna's musings on women in the workplace, in media and entertainment and at the top of the world’s most powerful institutions. Click here
Spotted by: Alessandra Zocca
Spring 2011

Success: Leading With Impact

Are you interested in hearing the opinions of several successful women about gender diversity in leadership, taking risks, making decisions and career ambitions?
Maria Bartiromo, Cathie Black, Meg Whitman and others open up to Moira Forbes about career, risk and progress. Watch this video by Moira Forbes ....: Click here
Spotted by Alessandra Zocca
Spring 2011

Upcoming Belgium Events

Writing competition in Brussels… Never thought to become a writer?

Anne Randerson

PWI – Anne, you have created the “Foreign Affair - writing competition.” What is it about?
Anne Randerson – The “Foreign Affair” writing competition is a joint initiative created by Caravan Press and  (A)WAY magazine.
It targets expats – of any profession or nationality – willing to share their experiences in foreign countries. Stories must be mostly true experiences, but –of course – can be massaged and coloured with the author's creativity and humour… It is important to feel the “voice” of the author, to get involved in the story, to perceive the creativity and originality, the ..[more]

Spring 2011

Upcoming Global Women Events

Women of Science - 2011 International Year of Chemistry (IYC)
The year 2011 will coincide with two important anniversaries in chemistry world: the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Madame Marie Curie and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies.
Who was the most famous woman scientist in  history before Marie Curie? 
The first and only scientist women for centuries was... [more]
Spring 2011
360 Entrepreneurship Summit for women - Malmö, Sweden -  19-21 September, 2011 

 Are you a passionate, creative and committed woman entrepreneur and business owner who wants to make most of your potential in business? If the answer is yes, 360Entrepreneurship Summit is the place for you! “360 perspectives: using passion and purpose to connect and grow your business” The program will take action to develop business capacity, leadership and growth for women enterprise. Speakers emphasize on personal and professional empowerment and provide you with practical,... [more] Spring 2011
W.I.N. Conference - Rome, Italy - October 5-7th, 2011

Save the date : the W.I.N. Conference will take place on 5,6,7th October  in Rome.

"The W.I.N. conference is the most extraordinary global leadership program providing leaders with the vision, strategies, environment, skills… and network needed to succeed in today’s global world"

To know more about it click here

Spring 2011
2011 GLOBAL SUMMIT OF WOMEN - Istanbul, Turkey - MAY 5-7, 2011

Bringing Solutions to the 21st Century

To grow the world's economies,   to create a green future, to develop a new breed of leadership, to make technology accessible for all, to engender peace worlwide:
Join 1,000 women leaders from every corner of the world to share winning strategies to advance women's economics lives and to ensure global prosperity. To know more about the global submit click here

Spring 2011

Past events

PWI Annual General Meeting and networking drinks – 2 May 2011

During this year's Annual General Meeting, elections took place for existing positions on the Board, as well as some new positions which have been created due to the growth of PWI membership and the increase in the number of activities it organises throughout the year.  The meeting has been followed by a networking drink from 20h onwards. More info coming soon on the Board members page. Spring 2011
A «Master Class» for the Woman's Voice: Her Magical Combination of Femininity and Strength – 30 April 2011

Following a successful workshop with PWI in 2010, Ms. Marie Terese Letorney led a special «Master Class» for PWI assisting women to explore the beauty, power and importance of their ‘female voice’ in the work environment and involving the participants in specific scenarios. 
Want to know more? Check the interview of Marie Terese Letorney here

Spring 2011
Lunch with Roz Morris: Media matters- 18 March 2011
We had a very interesting lunch with Roz Morris on  March 18, 2011 on "Media Matters – how the huge and rapid changes in the news media affect you and your business ".

If you missed it, read here a short summary . 

Spring 2011
 Becoming an author – dealing with publishers and the press - 28 February 2011
During a talk-show style networking dinner moderated by PWI President, Cristina Vicini, our two guest speakers both recalled their experiences and challenges faced during the course of writing and publishing their books. 

Murielle Lona (, author of the recently published novel ‘Je change de fréquence’...
Chantal Samson, founder of Business Writers (, brought a different perspective ...[more]
Spring 2011
Workshop on Financial Management and Planning for Women - 15 February 2011
Why is financial planning different for women?
There are several aspects of most women’s lives that affect issues of financial planning. Women often take a career break to have children and for child care. As a result they may have less pensionable earnings. Generally there is a reliance on their partner’s pension and then what happens on separation or divorce? There is also an expectation that women look after aged parents, or rather if anyone in a family is expected to care for aged parents
... [more]
Spring 2011

Future Events

PWI lunch with Monika Kuschewsky: Data Protection: How it might affect your business – 24 May 2011

Monika Kuschewsky

Organisations process and share an ever increasing volume of personal data as do individuals, for instance, on social networking sites. Monika Kuschewsky, partner at Brussels law firm Van Bael & Bellis and head of the firm's European data protection practice, will discuss the changing legal landscape regarding data protection law in Europe and what this means for you and your business. Click here to register.
Spring 2011
PWI Mid-summer networking drinks – 6 June 2011

Join the PWI team to raise a glass to the arrival of summer.   And of course, you will have the opportunity to eat some snacks, and to network in a relaxed atmosphere with other professional women. Click here to register
Spring 2011

Stay tuned for more upcoming events ...

Miscellaneous & mails to the editor

Feedback to our editor


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Spring 2011
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Spring 2011
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