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Dear PWI members and readers,
Time goes too fast, It was back-to-school period a few days ago and now we are close to Halloween already!
We have been very active since the beginning of the year, we were pleased to propose you 29 different events. I hope each of you could find interesting topics for them in it. 
In the last months, our most important event: "Empower Women in your Organisation" was targeting primarily  D&I managers,  HR managers, or leaders of Companies's internal ....[more]

 Q3 2013

Topic of the Edition - Being Fit for success

A Woman with a Dream

Francesca, I would like to ask you about two books you have published which are written by Prof. Stefano D’Anna: “The School for Gods” and “A Dream for the World”.
What are the similarities between the two books and what are their key messages?

There are two seemingly different stories, but the subjects covered are the same in both books by Stefano D' Anna, i.e. responsibility, mea culpa, fear, "Dream ". These are just some of the topics analyzed under the lens of two different lives, the lives of two different men, but both pursuing their own Dream. ... [more]
 Q3 2013

" Interested in Biofeedback?"

Laura, you are a specialist in Biofeedback EEG and you work as a Neurofeedback (NFB) therapist, what exactly is Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Therapy?
Neurofeedback is biofeedback applied to neuronal activity of the brain. Biofeedback is a therapeutic tratement focusing on restoring balance in one’s self-regulation processes.
With Biofeedback we learn to regulate blood flow, peripheral temperature, skin humidity, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration patterns and brain waves activity ... [more]
 Q3 2013

Bees, Art and Science – an urban story

Christina, you are Austrian and you hold a PhD in chemistry. How did you end up becoming a beekeeper in Brussels and what other roles do bees play in your life nowadays?
I used to be very afraid of flying, stinging insects that cannot be controlled.
When a friend took me to see his hives, the situation forced me to stand still and look - just to observe what was going on in this box with many thousands of animals. When concentrating on the detail,
  I suddenly became curious and what I saw triggered my interest to discover more. So I followed a beekeeping course . ... [more]
 Q3 2013


Lose your life to gain it”: from frustration to leadership

Grant, the Global Women’s Leadership Summit (GWALS) is expected to be the largest women and leadership online event in the world, connecting over 15,000 leaders, executives and managers with the most globally recognized visionaries. What criteria have you applied to choosing the GWALS speakers? Or have you followed your intuition? What inspired you about the speakers, any particular traits?
I researched extensively on LinkedIn groups what topics and presenters women professionals were interested in. I started with a post asking “what’s the number one frustration of women in leadership” and had over 300 replies... [more]
 Q3 2013

Women & Technology

Project Management, the Agile Way

Projects are easy to manage when they are well defined ;-) and there are neither changes nor interferences with their planning. Let’s be realistic, it’s almost never the case. Today, projects are intertwined with one another, dependent on other projects or divisions in the same company, and that makes management more complex: a small impact in one of the linked projects may have devastating results on the planning of your project.
Agile management is a methodology that allows plans to be quickly adapted as the situation evolves. This is great for a continuously changing environment. It is also well suited for complex.....[more]
 Q3 2013

Women & Career

"Leadership is the capacity to show the way forward, to inspire others by encouraging them to increase their strengths and to overcome their weaknesses"

Ana, I really enjoyed the way we met: you won an interview in the PWI Magazine at the last PWI event about HR & gender policies.
You are from Madrid, how did you get in touch with PWI Brussels? Why are you interested in professional women’s networks?
It was great to meet you all in Brussels. I got an invitation to join your meeting through one of my colleagues in Madrid. I believe one of your members sent it to our HR department and  ...[more]
 Q3 2013


“Winning factors: active listening and lack of arrogance”

Giulia, I was very pleased to be invited to an interesting event organised by “Intercompany Talent Platform”, which is a collaboration project between IBM, Starwood Hotels and Verhaegen Walravens, the latter being the law office where you are a Partner. Can you explain more about this platform that Verhaegen Walravens sponsors?
I met Melanie Barker of Fulcra and Yves Veulliet of IBM at an event organized by PWI. Together with Starwood Hotels, we all share a strong interest in the promotion of diversity and talent within companies and organizations. Therefore, some time ago, we decided to create a joint project for the   ...[more]
 Q3 2013


 "Can the implementation of female executives in organizations reduce corruption?"

Since 2007 there has been a lot of speculation in the media about the probable causes of the economic crisis and the initiators of fraudulent decisions who contributed to provoke that crisis. 
One of the suggested explanations for that crisis is perfectly reflected by catchy headlines in the media: “If only it had been Lehman Sisters or “With women on board today’s economic crisis clearly would look quite different”. These headlines state that we have to search for an explanation in one specific direction: the top-management of the companies related to the economic collapse was considered to be the catalyst ...[more]

 Q3 2013


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