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13 Dec 2011 15:48 | Armelle Loghmanian

President's Welcome

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Dear PWI members and readers,

Since the last magazine, the team has been extremely busy organizing events for you and launching our new Mentoring’s programme. We are pleased to let you know that our first mentor/mentee’s pairs are starting their journey. We will keep you posted on the programme. Mentoring is really something that can benefit to everyone. It helps the mentees to develop and advance through their career. The mentors can gain extra skills and understanding too. We will start a new session in April 2012, be ready for it!.

The team is working hard on two other programs. We want to launch in the course of 2012: one program for the young generation and another to help companies to work on their retention programs to keep a gender balanced talent pipeline.  Everyone is focusing on the Women on Board but it is time to move the lights to the talent pipeline. WOB is necessary but I always was a strong believer that this may be a good example of not seeing the forest for the trees. Listening to Mari Teigen, a Norway’s researcher at the annual meeting of gender equality bodies last month has strengthened my belief. Even if Norwegian women's representation on the boards of listed companies jumps from 3% in 1993, to 42% now, most of those board women have non-executive jobs, there was no significant increase in female managers. Read more about it under “topic of the edition.

We are also building our events calendar for 2012.  We will send you very soon a survey to understand your needs to serve them better. If you have an idea for an event, a need, a speaker you know or even yourself… please send all your ideas and suggestions to events@pwi.be. We will also be able to organize webinars next year. Those webinars are accessible to all EPWN members. It is a good opportunity to promote yourself! If you think you have best practices to share with our european members, contact me. We hope to welcome you at our upcoming events and get you connected with your fellow Brussels members and those across Europe.

As we told you last time we wanted to keep the new editions of our magazine lighter with only featured articles. To separate the time related issue, we will published our sessions: “Feedback from our past events” and “Spotted by” on a blog and also on twitter and Facebook. You can discover our presence in the social media here.

Time now to discover our brand new “PWI Magazine – Autumn edition”. I will like to thanks Alessandra and Beverley for their dedication and the absolute great job they did on this issue again. We hope you will be inspired by this issue of our newsletter. If you’d like to comment on it, or contribute to the next issue, please get in touch by emailing Alessandra Zocca at editor@pwi.be

Enjoy the reading!

I wish you all happy holidays seasons and best wishes for 2012!

Armelle Loghmanian
PWI President

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