PWI WS: The forgotten social and emotional vertical dimensions

  • 09 Jun 2015
  • 18:30 - 21:30
  • VIP Offices, 47 Bld St Michel, 1040 Brussels


PWI Workshop:

The forgotten social and emotional vertical dimensions

Social and emotional competences develop throughout our life when we want it, making us transform, perceiving life and the world totally differently at each level we reach. They culminate at "wisdom" level or also called "peace of mind". They are governing our lives in a society where they are highly demanded but not really part of our formal education. Being aware of the hidden mechanisms that transform us constitutes a key advantage in our private and professional lives.

These competences develop for each of us according to a well defined and identical path according to R. Kegan. Knowing how this path unfolds will help you recognize where you, and those around you, currently are, and will pave your developmental way ahead.

Increasing our social and emotional level of development is simply said changing radically how we see the world, and how the world appears to us,... impacting all areas of our life.

The "path" and its mechanisms will be introduced and largely developed so that you can recognize where you are at the end of the session.

More about our speaker...

Jean Debrosse- JD Excellence Consulting.

Some 45 + years experience in leading positions in multinational companies: Change strategy and development, Leadership, Strategy,.... Currently Business & Talent consultant applying "Conscious Business" principles: placing the human being at the centre of the organization, and the organization at the service of humanity. Jean has a passion for the development of the human being and its place in the organization and our society, and is still developing himself and practicing, among other development activities, research at the IDM inc (Interdevelopmental Institute) lead by Otto Laske.


Participation & how to reserve

The workshop is open to members and non-members. 

Drinks and some finger food will be provided. 

DATE: Tuesday June 9, 2015

TIME: 18:30-21:30

VENUE:  VIP Offices,  47 Bld St Michel,  1040 Brussels


Members: €15 
Non-members:  €30

Fees covers a part of the logistic costs. 

Pre-registration and pre-payment (preferably via PayPal) compulsory before

June 5 2015:

KBC: IBAN BE87 7310 3399 1094 EUR - BIC KREDBEBB

No-shows or cancellations after 

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