PWN Global Webinar: How to lead like a coach

  • 11 Apr 2019
  • 13:00 - 14:00
  • online

PWN Global Webinar: How to lead like a coach

Part of PWN Global's Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Webinar Series

Leaders are under great pressure to produce results at a faster pace, using fewer resources with many more options to choose from. Coaching is the smart way for you to deal with these pressures. When leaders coach they support their team to get more and better work done. 

But it’s hard for leaders to coach when everyday pressures seem all-consuming. Finding the time to coach seems just another challenge. 

When you take the time to coach, people trust more, work smarter, collaborate better, and are more innovative. They listen and ask questions rather than tell others what to do. People seek their own answers and become more resourceful. They work more effectively together because they engage in dialogue. Rather than see resistance as a threat, it’s an opportunity to explore other perspectives. 

This session explores four key coaching practices to provide a clear roadmap for increasing your coaching skills:

  1. Exercise your humility by asking questions rather than telling
  2. Connect and influence meaningfully using empathy
  3. Focus on progress to increase motivation
  4. Structure coaching into your daily routine

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