YESBODY: Even Intelligence is Embodied

  • 11 Jun 2019
  • 18:30 - 21:00
  • THON Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Avenue Louise 91-93, 1050 Bruxelles




* even intelligence is embodied *

The general concept of human enhancement states that if you have enough 'will power', everyone should be able to achieve nearly everything. People are encouraged to 'cross borders'. It is our experience that 'going across borders' has already made many people unhappy and ill.

In recent years, the ‘mind/body philosophy’ has made a great progress with the ‘mind’ (cognition, awareness) as a powerful tool to guide the body. This turnaround is stepping away from the dualistic standpoint that we have a body and also have a ‘mind’. We are a body and with that body we are in the world, the context in which we live. Out of that same body the mind emerges, the core of ‘embodied philosophy’ well described by Baruch Spinoza (1632 – 1677) in his ‘Ethica’. Spinoza sees the 'mind' as another body in our body.

Our body has a great problem-solving capacity and we solely have to rely on it if we want or need to give our lives a different direction. That capacity functions with Intuition, attitude, sense(itivity), the imagination and even our intelligence is embodied.

In this workshop you will experience how you can change your habits, attitudes towards yourself and, especially, towards others, be it a family, a social or a work-related context. It will help your organism to deal with 'the civil war' between what you as a person want, what the outside expects or old beliefs trigger. It will provide you with a ‘Body in Peace’ and will reduce the typical 'yes-but’ reactions.

And yes, all this will be brought with a lot of humour!

More about the workshop leader - Jan B. Eyskens:

Jan B. Eyskens (1952) Doctor of Medical Sciences (University of Antwerp), Movement Consultant and Philosophical Practitioner.

Coaches people who seek change and want to give meaning both to their life and work. The key words are to learn how to ask the adequate question in the constantly changing situations, appealing to the problem-solving ability of your body.


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