The Growth Club Entrepreneurship Lunch with Yasmin Vantuykom

  • 28 Feb 2020
  • 12:30 - 16:00
  • Rouge Tomate, Avenue Louise 190, 1050 Bruxelles


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The Growth Club

How to create powerful and impactful content for your services and products.

Learn the best practices in business marketing with Yasmin Vantuykom.

Started my career at Deloitte consultancy and after 5 years switch to entrepreneurship in social media marketing. After working for 2 years as a social media expert, I've launched Efluenz almost 2 years ago. Efluenz is an influencer marketing agency. We have our own database of over 1500 influencer, create creative campaigns on social media and in other media such as print & digital press. We also organize events, do video production and give workshops. This new consumer to consumer form of marketing is something I'm really passionate about.


PWI Brussels’ Entrepreneurship Programme focuses on the essence of entrepreneurship: generating serendipity. Successful entrepreneurs intuitively understand that increasing the potential for unplanned fortunate coincidences is what sparks above average growth. Those happy coincidences are not found behind a computer screen or locked up in an office staring at a white wall. They are encountered by actively engaging with others, by being curious about what is being said and done, by exchanging ideas and thoughts. What better place to bond than a meal? And, what better time than the end of the month to reflect on the month that has been and prepare for the one coming up. 

Join us and become part of the Growth Club - where leaders grow leaders.


The participation fee includes lunch and drinks during lunch.

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