The Growth Club Entrepreneurship Virtual Lunch

  • 25 Sep 2020
  • 12:30 - 14:30


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The Growth Club

How to build a thriving brand out of your passion

About Isabeau Paape

Arriving in my happy forties, and after a busy career in the web and the world of start-ups once I graduated from La Cambre (typography & graphic design), I needed to reconnect with the material. Driven by a flamboyant optimism, I created the "haute couture" candle collection "Aimez-Vous les Uns les Autres". From the choice of scents to the most qualitative raw materials, I embarked on the adventure without complex, and played the alchemists to invent perfume compositions. From fragrances to models of containers and packaging, I was able to return to pure creation. An impenitent lover of Brussels, the boutique naturally blossomed in my favorite neighborhood, the Marolles, a stone's throw from the Sablon.


PWI Brussels’ Entrepreneurship Programme focuses on the essence of entrepreneurship: generating serendipity. Successful entrepreneurs intuitively understand that increasing the potential for unplanned fortunate coincidences is what sparks above average growth. Those happy coincidences are not found behind a computer screen or locked up in an office staring at a white wall. They are encountered by actively engaging with others, by being curious about what is being said and done, by exchanging ideas and thoughts. What better place to bond than a meal? And, what better time than the end of the month to reflect on the month that has been and prepare for the one coming up. 

Join us and become part of the Growth Club - where leaders grow leaders.


This session is a Virtual Lunch

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