Presentation: Crowdsourcing and the Art of Mass-Collaboration

  • 29 Sep 2011
  • 18:30 - 20:00
  • Quaker House, 50 Square Ambiorix


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Guest speaker: Corina Ciechanow, founder of Waterloo Hills, regular blogger, and researcher in artificial intelligence

Crowdsourcing is shorthand for ‘outsourcing tasks to a crowd’. Although this could be done before, it is the widespread availability of high speed internet connectivity that has enabled us to reach millions of people, making crowdsourcing a practical and economically attractive option. 

Following this trend, websites have emerged for all kind of services, allowing you to reach crowds of designers, investors, and many others.  This is the beginning of a new economy, shifting from classical well-defined enterprise organizations to more global, fuzzy ones that can access a vast pool of resources.

This presentation will describe the characteristics of crowdsourcing, its economical implications, and will present some examples.

Corina Ciechanow is a proactive IT consultant.  Former professor and researcher in Artificial Intelligence, she has a long experience worked for many companies as well as international organizations such as EC and UNDP.  She runs now her own company, Waterloo Hills, providing consultancy in Project Management and in Information Discovery.  She writes at about Internet and data-related emerging issues, to create awareness of their implication in our businesses and in our society.

After the presentation, there is the opportunity to go for drinks or dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Participation & how to reserve

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18:30 - 20:00

Quaker House (Quaker Council for European Affairs)
50 Square Ambiorix
1000 Brussels

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Non-members: 30 Euros
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