Your Dynamics in Spiral - Session 3

  • 21 Jan 2020
  • 18:00 - 20:30
  • European Coil Coating Association, Avenue de Tervueren 273, Etterbeek, (Metro Montgomery)
  • 12



Your Dynamics in Spiral - Session 3

3rd session of the interactive program initiated by PWI Brussels Your Path in December 2019 and running until June 2020. Participants list is closed for this round. Please contact Organizers if interested into further sessions.

“Your Dynamics in Spiral” aims at guiding participant to (Re)discover & (re)write the path of their private and professional lives adressing the questions below:

●        in which stage of my life am I now?

●        what are my deep values?

●        where abouts is my evolution in connection with that of humanity?

●        what sort of insights and new awareness can help me?

“Your Dynamics in Spiral” is a process consisting of 8 sessions during which the participating women go, session after session, through the 8 stages of personal development individually. Collectively, they advance in a respectful, benevolent and supportive atmosphere. Each session is facilitated using collective intelligence, participatory generative interactive tools and activities. The space is held by a professional coach.

What participants get from the “Your Dynamics in Spiral”:

  •      9 x 2-hour sessions following the kick-off event that took place on Nov 19th, 2019 – These are group sessions that combine training by a professional coach and group support.

●        Moving together, all participants at the same time, from one stage to the next one.

●        Access to a private Whatsapp group as a space for inter-sessions exchanges

The “Your Dynamics in Spiral” dates are on the 3rd Tuesday of the month:

●        03/12/19 #1 Level or stage 1 Completed :-)

●        17/12/19 #2 Level or stage 2 Completed :-)

●        21/01/20 #3 Level or stage 3

●        18/02/20 #4 Level or stage 4

●        10/03/20 #5 Level or stage 5

●        21/04/20 #6 Level or stage 6

●        19/05/20 #7 Level or stage 7

●        16/06/20 #8 Level or stage 8

●        23/06/20 #9 Closing / Evaluation / Debriefing / Feed-back

The European Coil Coating Association is kindly sponsoring the venue for the length of the duration of this new initiative. 

The full program is at a symbolic fee of 90€, this is 10€ per session. 


If you have any questions on the event please contact:
Ana Escarpenter (0476 500406) | Corinne Daumer (0486 42 80 88)

|Ashrefunisa Shaik (


Please be advised that photographs will be taken at this event for use on the PWI Brussels website and in the press, PWI Brussels marketing materials, and other publications. By attending this event, you consent to PWI Brussels photographing and using your image and likeness. 

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