Women & Money Event - VIRTUAL LUNCH

  • 23 Jun 2020
  • 12:00 - 13:30
  • Virtual Session


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Women & Money Event III

kindly supported by The Fry Group

On Tuesday 23 June, we are happy to be able to invite you to this Women & Money virtual lunch. The event will be lead by our Women & Money Programme Director and Financial Adviser, Amanda Newell. 

Are you in your dream employment position, have you reached your goal and ambition on the career ladder. It may be you are a successful lawyer, partner, CEO, doctor, entrepreneur, but have your financial goals also been met?  Do you have the time, knowledge or information to hand in order to understand and find the best solution for investing your wealth. This is important to ensure you are successful also in future life, during retirement, when you need to have achieved your financial goals in order to have the enjoyable retirement life you truly deserve.

Amanda Newell is a Financial Adviser with The Fry Group and has been inspiring women financially for the last 5 years. She will guide you through the process of ensuring successful financial planning today to help you enjoy a richer future. Amanda will discuss ways to invest in both a tax efficient and sustainable way.

Amanda is delighted to introduce two very successful guest speakers to this session

  •  Beth Richardson - Founder  BIG Foundation  - Topic - A different kind of investing

Beth grew up overseas where she developed an awareness that would direct her own career and bring the business she and her husband set up 20 years ago to the point they were able to give back.

Beth will talk about the motivation, mindset and choices that led to supporting communities less fortunate than our own. Beth’s upbringing and her experiences overseas had an impact on her, although she didn’t appreciate at the time this experience would direct her down the path of a career in the charity sector and eventually to a point in life where we saw an opportunity to really give back.

This was mainly due to wise investing to ensure Beth and her family were financially secure and were in a position to then help others.  


  •  Cleopatra Kitti – Founder Queens of Money & Consultant to International Organisations – Topic -  Money Management is an essential tool

Cleopatra is currently based in the Mediterranean and is a Certified, Independent Non-Executive Director, on the board of a systemic Eurozone financial institution and on the board of a regional travel and tourism group of companies operating in the Eastern Mediterranean.

She is the Founder of Queens of Money, a money management program for women, based on her own life learnings and also draws from her executive education at Harvard Kennedy School and at INSEAD. The program is a seminar with practical tools, and offers bespoke advisory to align personal, professional and money management goals.

"Money management is an essential tool for achieving personal wellness and abundance. To have the ability to choose between different options - that is, not to be trapped into constructs that others or situations have created for us -  is a luxury we can all afford.

At each stage of my journey I have found that being truthful to myself allowed me to chart plans (personal, professional and financial) for paths forward. It requires level headed pragmatism, continuous learning, discipline and an eye on silver linings. For our discussion, I will be sharing my learnings, and a peak into the tools I have built for being Queen of your Money."  


Meet our expert and Women & Money Programme Director - Amanda Newell:

Amanda is a Financial Adviser with The Fry Group (Belgium) but her background is  diverse and inspiring. Amanda says, "I believe passionately in both financial planning for the future, and helping women to be financially independent".

Amanda is a single mother of 2 children and throughout her career she has been both in sales roles and has successfully run her own interior design business. At some point, she has found herself looking for a new career, which would allow her to combine her sales experience with helping people on a day to day basis. The Fry Group has offered her the opportunity to make this happen!

Join us for an excellent session of learning, sharing and building your network with a like-minded group of professional women in Brussels.


PWI Brussels in proud to be partnering with The Fry Group (Belgium) leading a Women & Money programme, created for you and launched in 2019. 

Get this chance to learn and share within a friendly group of people from our PWI Brussels extended family! Come prepared and use the occasion to ask our experts questions you may have been thinking about for quite some time now.

Do you feel lost when thinking about financially planning for your future? Are you looking for ideas on investing your money responsibly? Or maybe you have no clue about personal financial planning? In any case, this programme is just for you!

Through a series of workshops that will take place in 2020, we will continue the discussion around how women can achieve financial independence, look after their money in a tax efficient way and plan individually, as well as within their couples and families how to invest in a socially responsible way. 


If you have any questions on the event please contact:
Marion & Events Team (events@pwi.be)


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