The Inner Circle Virtual Happy Hour – VIRTUAL SESSION

  • 22 Oct 2020
  • 18:30 - 20:30


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Last update: Unfortunately, Professor Jan Vranken will not be able to join due to last minute illness. We still plan to host our inner circle virtual happy hour, and will hold the space for connecting with each other with conversation starter activities. Hope you join us!

We apologize for the unexpected change of plans.  

We hope to reschedule the opportunity to learn form Professor Jan Vranken; we will communicate our plans once the plan is confirmed.

Inclusion and Sustainability - elements for a debate ?

 We're honored to welcome Jan Vranken, Professor Emeritus  at   the University of Antwerp to   discuss about a very  important topic: Inclusion and sustainability. 

 "Few, these days, would contest that sustainability represents a substantial victory for the   environmental cause. But the situation is quite different when it comes to other causes where   sustainability is not an appropriate goal; at best it is one criterion among others. In these other   areas "sustainability" is a trap. It suggests that if we all simply recognized our common interests   everything would be fine, we could end poverty, exploitation, segregation, inadequate housing,   congestion, ugliness, abandonment and homelessness. Yet, these are conflict-laden arenas:     what  benefits one hurts another."

 Sustainability is not only about ecological sustainability but also economic, social, political   and cultural. We will discuss more in depth and explore how social inclusion can       contribute to social sustainability. Join us 

 Prof. Jan Vranken: "To think that current present circumstances and current present   societal arrangements might be sustained - that is an unsustainable thought for the   majority of the world’s people. We will be taken in a journey and explore the different       forms  of inclusion (social, cultural, ect.. ) and sustainability."


 Jan Vranken (Vucht, 7 juli 1944) is Professor       Emeritus      at the University of Antwerp but     he remains active as a researcher  in OASeS and as an independent expert. He taught sociology   of inequality and stratification, sociology of poverty and social exclusion,  urban sociology,     seminar    social problems.

 He publishes a sociology handbook that - under  the title "The playing field, the rules of       the game  and the players?- was ready for its fifth edition in 2013.

 Prof. Vranken also founded the OASeS Center - Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the   City, in which he led dozens of projects in the field of poverty and other forms of social         exclusion    (homelessness, migration), urban issues and related situations.


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