WS IV : From beliefs to destiny you construct your life

  • 16 Apr 2013
  • 18:00 - 21:30
  • Quaker House, 50 Square Ambiorix, 1000 Brussels


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From beliefs to destiny you construct your life

An introduction of the event by Carmen Peter: 

I am often asked by my clients, my coachees: “If you can have only one coaching session with a client, which one would that be? I easily respond: The beliefs!”

The beliefs system is the whole block of beliefs, be them enabling or limiting, that are deep down in our mind, even before we start “thinking” about en issue.

Based on their enabling or limiting role, we start the thinking about us, about others and the world. Therefore, our thoughts are formed based on and embodying almost our beliefs.

Later one in the process, we act based upon our thoughts, therefore, ultimately based upon our beliefs. And, these actions will form, slowly but surely, our daily life.

At the end of our life, all the actions performed daily, throughout the years, will form our destiny,

That is why, the beliefs, as a thread, are running through our whole life.
From beliefs as prophecies, becoming thoughts, becoming actions, becoming destiny!

And that is why, if we want to change our life, the first exploration to do will be the exploration of our beliefs, before moving on to other issues!
We will therefore start the exploration of your beliefs about yourself, your beliefs about significant others and their beliefs about you.
Being aware, will certainly move you forward, doing the first step of the journey!

 Our Facilitator:  Carmen Peter 

Carmen’s ultimate goal is to help, support, encourage and accompany your personal and professional development in the path of achieving "your best self"; knowing that by approaching "your best self”, you will be an inspiration for your family, friends, colleagues, organisation and society at large.

She is an executive coach and trainer living in Brussels and working throughout Europe.

She prepares all the stages of the EPSO selection and competition; application form, pre-selection tests, assessment centre up to the selection interviews at different levels for the desired post.

She specialized also in training and coaching in the human side of management sometimes referred to as “soft skills giving such a hard time” . She designs, develops and delivers training and coaching programmes that drive performance excellence anchored in healthy, continuous personal and professional development.

Participation & how to reserve

The workshop is open to members and non-members. .

Drinks and some finger food will be provided. catering by La table d'Arthur, Etterbeek

DATE:             Tuesday, 16 April 2013

 TIME:             18:00-21:30

VENUE:           Quaker House,
                       Square Ambiorix 50
                       B-1000 Brussels (click for map)


Members:           €15 
Non-members:  €30

Fees covers a part of the logistic costs. 

Pre-registration and pre-payment (preferably via PayPal) 
compulsory before 13 April 

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IBAN: BE49 3630 3075 2171 - BIC: BBRUBEBB

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