A guided walk through Brussels: Forceful women and men during the 'hey-days' in the history of Brussels

  • 15 Jun 2013
  • 10:00 - 12:30
  • Place Sainte Gudule 1000 Brussels


 A  guided walk through Brussels

Forceful women and men during the 'hey-days' in the history of Brussels.


The guided visit combines social, cultural and historical elements. The walk starts at the ‘Cathédrale Sts Michel et Gudule’, the national church in Belgium of which the erection started in 1225 under Henry I, Duke of Brabant and completed in the 16th century under the Emperor Charles V.
The route leads to the Grand Place, a place that reflects the grandeur of the city in ‘La Maison des Ducs de Brabant’, the ‘Hôtel de Ville’ and magnificent guildhouses.
The walk ends at the valuable ‘Notre-Dame du Sablon’, along with the Cathedral, one of the finest remaining examples of Brabant Gothic architecture in Belgium. The origin of the church might be found in the legend of a young woman, that transferred the church to a place of pilgrimage.

Mystical women, Saints, the Counts of Burgundy, Isabella, Mary of Hungary, Charles V and Philip II of Spain made an inspiring contribution during an eventful era of Brussels. We look for snappy stories woven through the historical fabric of the capital of Europe.


Our Organiser: Sonia Busselen

This program is organized by Sonia Busselen, a member of PWI.

Sonia Busselen, is Master in Archaeology & Art history and Accredited Cultural Guide.
She has been working in various management positions in American and European companies and was exposed daily to other cultures.

Sonia has the unique combination of business and culture and after many years of experience as a Guide in museums and in the tourism sector, she created Movartis vzw, in order to promote the rich cultural heritage of Brussels and Flanders’ historical cities that are all on the UNESCO world heritage list. In this respect Sonia offers standard and interactive tours in Belgium and in foreign regions.
In order to feel safe in all circumstances she can help you with ‘First Aid’, an official diploma from the Red Cross.
It can be an extremely interesting way for international people and expatriates to meet the local community and get a feeling for the roots and rich tradition of local places of which Brussels, once the capital of Burgundy, is one of the most challenging.

 Participation & how to reserve

The guided tour is open to members and non-members.
Your partners are welcome!

TIME:         10:00 - 12:30       


Main entrance of the ‘Cathédrale Sts Michel et Gudule’
Place Sainte Gudule
1000 Brussels (map here)

Metro, Train : Gare Centrale

Members: Free
Non-members: € 15

Pre-registration and pre-payment (preferably via PayPal) 
compulsory by 12 June 2013: ING 363-0307521-71
IBAN: BE49 3630 3075 2171 - BIC: BBRUBEBB
No-shows or cancellations after registration deadline will be invoiced - cancellations should be sent to (events@pwi.be).

Stay tuned for information on our forthcoming events ....

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