WS III: Living after a loss

  • 27 Feb 2014
  • 18:30 - 21:30
  • VIP Offices,47 Bd Saint-Michel, 1000 Brussels)


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Living after a loss:
How are we equipped to deal with a loss of any kind and live wholeheartedly after it?

Loss appears in our lives in many forms - death of a loved one, divorce, break up of a romantic relationship, loss of a job, unmet expectations, moving, to name but a few.

Each loss impacts our everyday lives in different ways and grieving is the natural emotional reaction to a loss of any kind.

Each loss is a unique personal experience and unique is its related grief..
  • Have you been experiencing a recent loss or are you still struggling for an old one?
  • Have you lost the sense of your life and you cannot see any light?
  • Is your heart broken and you are feeling overwhelmed by an unbearable pain?
  • Perhaps your loss was an intangible one and you are not even aware that it might be now affecting your life?
  • Or perhaps you know someone who is grieving and you do not know how to help him/her, what to say, how to behave and therefore you feel useless and frustrated?
In this interactive workshop we will explore the world of loss and related grief. We will see that it is possible to get to live wholeheartedly after loss.

You will be guided to recognise and identify some of your losses and get to the awareness of what is making you struggling in your life.

You will be discovering how different losses can be connected and intertwined and what their impact is in your current life. You can get to unfold the emotional reactions caused by recent and past losses.

“Learn through your creativeness how to find and use your inner resources to live fully and wholeheartedly after a loss”

More about our speaker...

Luisa Mannu

Luisa is a Grief Coach with a background as food scientist. After experiencing the death of her husband at the age of 32, her deep and long grief turned out being an incredible nurturing and enriching experience of love and life. When she emerged from her “long dark tunnel” she felt a strong calling to help and support people to live wholeheartedly after loss. 

Certified “Grief recovery method" specialist and Grief Coach, fluent in 3 languages (EN/FR/IT), Luisa accompanies people in their journey after loss with compassionate energy.

Participation & how to reserve

The workshop is open to members and non-members. 

Drinks and some finger food will be provided. 

DATE:            Thursday, 27 February 2014

TIME:             18:30-21:30

VENUE: VIP Offices, 47 Bd Saint-Michel, 1000 Brussels

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Members:         €15 
Non-members:  €30

Fees covers a part of the logistic costs. 

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compulsory before 22 February 

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