POLL to PWI Magazine readership: The “PWI Hotel AWARD”

05 May 2015 16:03 | Armelle Loghmanian

POLL to PWI Magazine readership: The “PWI Hotel AWARD”
A Pilot Project in Brussels  

By Alessandra Zocca and Irene Personne

Why a hotel award project?

At PWI Brussels we have launched a pilot project to honour the most women-friendly hotel in town with the PWI Hotel Award.
This is a pilot project and we have a twofold aim: 
  •  To renew yearly the appointment of this award to a hotel in Brussels 
  •  To support the other PWN Global city-networks who take on board this hotel award (in this case PWN Hotel Award) in their town/country.

We want to raise the attention about the needs of women travelling either on a business or private basis, and to create awareness and pressure in the environment where we run our own PWN activities. If we are successful, then the improvements in hotels will be available to every guest, women and men too.

What is the PWI Hotel Award about?

The PWI Hotel Award is based on the level of the compliance to several criteria belonging to the following categories: Security & Safety, Comfort & Pampering, Networking Opportunities, Health & Food and Respectful Attitude to Women. Unfortunately some hotels – despite having wonderful premises and services – take the liberty to choose advertisements that is offensive towards women (1).


The criteria for evaluation of the hotels will be weighted according to the indication coming out from the PWN Global Poll. Which can be found below.

The next steps of the project

1) April-May 2015 -The Poll – The PWI Hotel Award criteria will be validated and weighed on the basis of a poll where all the PWN Global members are invited to vote. 
2) May 2015 - Based on the poll vote the criteria will be weighted
3) March -/ May 2015 - The Brussels hotels (from four stars upwards) located in the city centre and in the office districts are being invited to take the assessment challenge
4) May / June 2015 - Hotels will be scored and ranked upon the weighted criteria
5) September 2015 -The finalists and the winner will be invited  to the event “PWI Hotel Award ceremony” together with local tourism institutions, with the PWI corporate members and the PWN global members willing to attend.

The POLL – Why we ask for the PWI Brussels and the PWN Global Members’ opinion

We kindly ask the collaboration of the PWI and PWN global Members in order to vote and weight the criteria on which hotels will be assessed in relation to the PWI Hotel Award. 
The poll participants are invited to express their preferences on each criterion and are free to add additional criteria.

The PWI Hotel Award project is run by a team led by Alessandra Zocca – Secretary-General of PWI Brussels. 
If you are interested in info or you would like to support us, or you might like the idea to be the next city network to establish the PWN Global Award, please feel free to contact:
Alessandra Zocca at secretary-general@pwi.be
Irene Personne at socialmedia@pwi.be

Follow up actions

This project has also inspired Alessandra and Irene to initiate an association called Opportunalia in the area of tourism focusing on people traveling alone who like to meet new people in a safe and enjoyable setting facilitated by the hotel they are staying in. 
Hotels that respect the criteria defined in the poll will be allowed to carry the label “Networking Masters”, created by Alessandra and Irene. 
Their website will go live in a few weeks so please save the following link to keep track of their progress and activities: www.networkingmasters.be


1) Who'd want to stay in a hotel that trendy? Gross-out ads …

Thanks to everybody for participating in the poll!

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