EuropeanPWN AGM in Milan

22 Mar 2012 21:31 | Armelle Loghmanian

EuropeanPWN AGM in Milan
    By Armelle Loghmanian


At the end of February I went to Milan to represent PWI at the general assembly of EuropeanPWN. 
As you can see, weather was not warmer nor sunnier than in Brussels at the same time. I could even see some snow too. So clearly, this part of the meeting was far from ideal. I should complain! But the rest was terrific! 

The EuropeanPWN AGM is always an interesting and sharing event. Of course, like every AGM, you have to go through the official part: approval of previous minutes, discussion and approval of the annual accounts, approval of next year budget… This year we also had an election for new board members for 2012-2014.

Previous and new board members of EuropeanPWN and City Networks presidents

As you can see on the pictures below the board was almost totally renewed except for Marijo Bos, our president. 

I am proud to announce that Adriana Paun, member of PWI advisory board was elected as the federation board as VP Women on Board.
More information on the new board  members with their functions and their bios can be find here.   

 Previous EPWN board members  New EuropeanPWN Board members

I could not find a group photo of the previous board. This splendid caricature was drawn by Rieke Smakman, a corporate and commercial litigator, EuropeanPWN previous Secretary General. Applause for the special talent she has!

It is also a unique opportunity to share and learn with presidents from other city networks and meet with the federation board. It is always reassuring to see we share the same issues or concerns and are going in the same directions. Some of the hot topics discussed: Engaging men, Mentoring, WOB, entrepreneurs involvement… 

Best practices are shared and I hope the executive team and I can put some of them in place rapidly.

EPWN : Now 21 City Networks

On October 20th, 2011 the 20th city network was launched in Warsaw, Poland

On March 7th 2012, EuropeanPWN London and  Bucharest co-hosted a webex celebrating the launch of our newest network in Romania and an interview with Siobhan Martin, Partner at Mercer and EPWN Corporate Partner. Siobhan talked about the value of networking across cultures and the positive impact volunteering can have on your leadership style. To view the webex click here.

So as you can see, things are moving at the federation level and the platform is under review and will undergo major improvements. I know few of us are using it on a regular basis, but it is a tremendous tool. In order to take advantage from this powerful resource, remember to:
        • upload your photo, so that women who have met you at an event and maybe don’t recall your name can easily find you on the platform,
       • complete your bio, let us know what you do and how we can connect, network and support each other
       • update your bio, you’ve changed job or reached a new challenging position or have been appointed to a board…let your peers know! 
And dont forget to do the same on the PWI web site too!
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