"The Courage to Ask" is now available on Amazon

04 Dec 2012 11:20 | Admin PWI (Administrator)
If you enjoyed 'The Courage to Ask' on November 7 with John Niland, you may be interested in buying his book, which is now available from Amazon. 

John says "Exactly a year after Kate and I started writing it, we are happy to announce that "The Courage to Ask" is now available on Amazon.  
If you are currently contemplating Xmas gifts, might a stylish hardback book be just the perfect present for that friend or colleague? ... or even for yourself, if 2013 is to be the Year of Opportunity? 
WHY "The Courage to Ask"? 
As 2012 comes to a close, many people and companies are currently in transition. They need new jobs, new markets, new opportunities. In today's economy, it's no longer enough to be a good communicator or techno-savvy. Courage is fundamental to success. 
Without the courage to make requests and ask vital questions, good ideas remain the world's best kept secrets. It takes courage to... - ask for support, assistance, introductions - to put forward an idea , to test the waters - to ask for fees or higher-remuneration - to recover from setbacks and try again 
"A must-read for all professionals in today's changing marketplace" - Vicki Banthorpe, MD, SWAT UK 

Kind regards, John John Niland | www.vco-global.com Co-Author of The Courage to Ask
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