Data protection landscape : networking Lunch with Monica Kuschewsky on 24 May 2011

26 Aug 2011 17:40 | Deleted user

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Networking lunch with Monika Kuschewsky 24 May 2011:

The ever changing data protection landscape and how it might affect your business

Monika spoke about a range of issues related to data protection from both a professional and personal perspective.  She talked of her concerns about social networking sites and about giving your consent to have this information made public.  She particularly addressed the issue around the use of these sites by teenagers and how it can cause problems in later life when future employers subsequently have access to this information.  Monika was also concerned about how much information you give away by using credit cards and how this information can be mis-used.  Dealing with companies based outside of Europe/North America is also a challenge since many online dealings are done using companies based in Asia, for example, and these cannot be effectively regulated.
Monika provides training for companies in compliance with current regulations and also lobbies for change and provides advice on new regulations.  For more information on Monika’s activities, see the article in this newsletter.
The presentation was done by Monika Kuschewsky, Partner and Head of Data Protection Practice, Van Bael & Bellis

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