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President's Editorial

President's welcome

Dear PWI members and readers,
I mentioned our new web site in last edition. It is now up and running. Tell us what you think! 
I was also referring to the new volunteer’s team. We do already have  a new editor in chief: Homeira Kroone. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Homeira and to thank Alessandra for all the work she has done setting up and running the Magazine. She managed to publish over 130 brand new articles in 16 editions of the magazine and we hadinterviewees and authors from 19 different countries. For her many hundreds  ...[more]

 Q1  2015

Topic of the Edition - PWI Hotel Award

POLL to PWI Magazine readership: The “PWI Hotel AWARD”

Why a hotel award project?
At PWI Brussels we have launched a pilot project to honour the most women-friendly hotel in town with the PWI Hotel Award.
This is a pilot project and we have a twofold aim: 
  •  To renew yearly the appointment of this award to a hotel in Brussels 
  •  To support the other PWN Global city-networks who take on board this hotel award   ... [more]            
Q1 2015


A United Europe? It’s Love Migration
Who started the “Love Migration Project” and why?
I started the Love Migration Project because I found that I knew so many people who have moved because of love. My interest in migration and love grew out of my own experiences - I was living in Mexico and was getting married. At the same time I was doing a master’s degree in Applied linguistics (1), at the Universidad Autonoma Del Estado de Mexico in Mexico and I was reading about language acquisition and learning form migrants. 
I couldn’t find myself represented in the literature though, as it concentrated on people who were moving ..... [more]
Q1 2015

Women & Technology

Behind TEDxBarcelonaWomen and the driving force of Storytelling

You are deeply involved in the organization of TEDxBarcelonaWoman , taking place this June in Barcelona.  Could you tell us why and what this event is about?
What I love about TEDx events is that it gives visibility to people who bring solutions to our world, in a very media-friendly and appealing way.
I know many women doing great things and men who also work towards a modern society. I like to give them visibility, to get them known and heard by other people, and be inspired by them. Why do I care about women? Because it’s ‘

 Q1 2015


Women & Career

 Intelligence and heart together are the drive to success

Karin, thank you for agreeing to talk to us. You work at Praxair, which I believe supplies gases for industrial use. Please could you tell us why Praxair has chosen to support the fight against Breast Cancer? 
It is an unfortunate fact, but we have to face it, many of us, if not all, have been, or are still confronted with Breast Cancer in our families, amongst friends, in the community. In our case, about 3 years ago, one of our colleagues got diagnosed with the disease and got successfully treated. We then decided to start participating in the Race for the Cure.  The first year, 40 employees from the site she works in, participated to support her when she walked for the cure after intensive therapy.....[more]

 Q1 2015

 Solving a Social Challenge can Become a Business

Colleen thank you for agreeing to this interview; I am really interested to know more about Pink Link Pages(1).  Can you tell us more about it?  What gave you the idea to start the Pink Link Pages?
Pink Link Pages is still in the pilot stage…but the vision is to create regional directories of women-owned and women run businesses…(women run being women who are CEO’s or sit on corporate boards).. 
Now you may be asking, “why do we need this?”  Well, in doing some research about women-owned businesses in the US, I learned that women own 29% of all businesses and yet generate only 4% of all business revenues. ...[more]

 Q1 2015


I am convinced that Beauty boosts our immune system

Anna, you define yourself as a "visual artist", what do you mean?
"Visual" art is the terminology used to define art expressions/works which produce a visible object/item.
Amongst the various visual art forms I have a preference for painting and installations, but I am also engaged in art didactics and I teach art at school, public and private institutions, and in companies.
How is it that art has become your profession?
I have a specific memory from my childhood which can help me answer this question: 
Q1 2015


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