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  • 13 Jul 2013 11:42 | Admin PWI (Administrator)
    All PWI (Professional Women International, Brussels) members are also members of EPWN and can take part in this special offer, but if you want to be involved you need to contact EPWN quickly before the final tickets are booked.

    The 9th Edition of the Women's Forum Global Meeting will be held 16-17-18 October 2013 in Deauville, France with the theme "The open world: Compete, cooperate, create"

    We elected to partner with the Women's Forum as it compliments our network beautifully, as a truly international event that attracts more than 1400 male and female leaders and decision makers - across business, politics and the society in their respective countries. 
    Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear outstanding executive leaders share and connect on key business and social topics that are imperative to us today. The 2013 Women’s Forum Global Meeting asks how we can better marshal competition, cooperation and creativity to our mutual benefit.

    Again we are excited to have an EPWN delegation of members to attend the event from as little as €1,000 (usually €1,500). If you want to be part of the member's delegation, please visit the EPWN member's calendar to register your interest, and our team will be back in touch with you to process the application. We will be planning times to meet, exchange, connect as a group there. More information regarding the pricing, and free shuttle bus service from Paris to Deauville, is also available on the EPWN calendar. 

    If you want to get involved, please contact us as soon as possible, as we only have a few remaining seats at this special pricing rate.

    This is the ideal time to join PWI / EPWN in order to benefit from this outstanding event offer. 
    The individual membership costs €130 for 365 days (1 year), meaning the saving you make on your ticket to the Women's Forum will more than cover the cost of your PWI / EPWN membership.

    If you think your company would be interested in a Corporate Membership please contact president@pwi.be for further details.

  • 16 May 2013 10:28 | Beverley Sinton
    To all PWI members

    I am pleased to invite you to the course ‘Leadership development: Personal Leadership, Communication and Appreciative Inquiry’, to be held in Stresa, Italy, 24 to 28 September2013 in collaboration with Senspero. Allow yourself a space in an inspiring multi-national setting to explore and be inspired by how communication and strengths based approaches can support your leadership, enable you to give your best and enable your organization to become even more successful and sustainable for the future.
    You will have the possibility to explore your own resources and create an action plan for your own leadership and also have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other resourceful colleagues from different European countries and backgrounds.
    Early bird registration before May, 20th 2013.  Special fee for PWI members - please contact register@pwi.be for your code.

    Leadership Development Program – 24-28 September 2013, Stresa, Italy

    Francesca Oliva, ActiveChange & Senspero

  • 01 Sep 2011 22:41 | Deleted user

    The 7th Edition of the Women's Forum Global Meeting will be held on 13-15 October 2011 in Deauville, France.

    2011 is proving itself a year of the improbable becoming reality. From the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia to the earthquake in Japan, the world we took for granted has been knocked off its axis, to land in unanticipated new configurations and arrangements.

    The Women’s Forum has chosen for its 7th edition to draw inspiration from these remarkable events, and to hold the 2011 Global Meeting on the theme of What if?: Challenge, imagination, commitment. The focus is on what the future could bring us, politically, economically, socially, and technologically, and what committed actors can do to tip the balance for a better world.  Unique to the Women’s Forum, women’s voices and perspectives are featured along with their male counterparts in plenaries addressing scenario-driven major issues for people and the earth. The spirit of the plenary discussions – and the 7th edition overall – is to forecast how our world is changing, and what we can do to shape this change.


    The Women's Forum is a unique opportunity for EuropeanPWN members to network and engage with influential decision-makers - both men and women - from global organisations and institutions on the important issues that concern us. And engaging more with executive businessmen is a key part of our strategy to accelerate gender balance in professional life.


    Marijo Bos attended the Women’s Forum in 2010 and joined up with other EuropeanPWN members who were there from France and Spain.   “It’s an incredibly motivating 3 days with outstanding and accomplished senior women from around the world….truly leaders in their fields!   The event has numerous breakouts and special sessions and is organized so you have the opportunity to meet these women and to also attend sessions and connect with leading executive men on various business, compelling social and environmental topics.”


    To help make attendance more affordable for more members, we have negotiated a Special EuropeanPWN "Firstimers" Discount  as follows:

    If a minimum of five (5) Network Members register to the Event through the Network, all Network Members having registered to the Event through the Network shall benefit from the following reduced rates:

    EuropeanPWN Firstimers Single Individual rate :Network Members from companies with over 250 employees are entitled to a reduced tariff of three thousand euros (3000) excl. VAT. (Normally €4000)

    EuropeanPWNFirstimers SME rate:  Members from companies with under 251 employees are entitled to a reduced tariff of two thousand euros (€2000) excl. VAT. (Normally €2500)

    NGO rate: EuropeanPWN Members who are full time employees of a government recognised charitable organization are entitled to the NGO tariff of one thousand five hundred euros ( 1500) excl. VAT.

    An bulk e-mail will be sent to all EuropeanPWN members on Monday to inform them of the special rates for this major event.

    We hope that we will have a significant presence at this year's Women' Forum, so please make sure that members of your city network receive are fully informed. Thankyou on behalf of Marijo and the the European Federation Board.


    Kindest regards

    Hilary Ellis

    President EuropeanPWN-Paris

  • 17 Apr 2011 22:51 | Deleted user

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    2011 GLOBAL SUMMIT OF WOMEN - Istanbul, Turkey - MAY 5-7, 2011

    Bringing Solutions to the 21st Century
    To grow the world's economies,
    To create a green future,
    To develop a new breed of leadership,
    To make technology accessible for all,
    To engender peace worlwide

    Join 1,000 women leaders from every corner of the world to share winning strategies to advance women's economics lives and to ensure global prosperity.

    To know more about the global submit click here 

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    360 Entrepreneurship Summit for women, Malmö Sweden 16-18th September, 2011
    Discounted Fee for PWI Members

    Are you a passionate, creative and committed woman entrepreneur and business owner who wants to make most of your potential in business? If the answer is yes, 360Entrepreneurship Summit is the place for you!

    “360 perspectives: using passion and purpose to connect and grow your business”
    The program will take action to develop business capacity, leadership and growth for women enterprise. Speakers emphasize on personal and professional empowerment and provide you with practical, actionable information and tools to help improve and expand your business.

    Sign up before May 30th  and benefit from the Early Bird Rate!

    PWI members get an extra 100€ discount; Click here to see members-only special offers

    Return on investment! - Reasons for not missing out

    You as the Winning Brand
    – how to design and develop your personal and professional brand to attract more business
    Entrepreneurial marketing – how to leverage and manage social media and have a return on investment
    Visionary and innovative leadership – conscious and successful leaders share how they do it
    Money Break Through Secrets – how to eliminate your biggest and most hidden money blocks 
    Expand your opportunities – through new connections, knowledge and inspiration
    Equity and other financials – get a sound understanding for equity and options for raising finance
    Customer Service – how to get customers to refer new clients to you over and over again
    Belong to a strong network of business owners all over Europe
    Balance – find out how you can be on fire without burning out
    360 Business Expo – book your own promotion space. Limited number of places available!
    Get inspired for success and inspire others
    Networking, Networking, Networking!!!  AND much more…

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to 360 Entrepreneurship Summit 16-18 September!

    Sharing and exchange promote growth for all

    Want a tour by Anne Persson of the conference and the location see the video here

    About 360:
    The 360Entrepreneurship Summit is a platform for bringing together European women entrepreneurs and business owners. 360 Entrepreneurship is synonym of connecting, cooperation, knowledge exchange, joy and open spirit. The summit promotes business and people, offering plenty of opportunities for making new connections, growth and learning… http://360entrepreneurship.com/about/

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    Women of Science - 2011 International Year of Chemistry (IYC)

    The year 2011 will coincide with two important anniversaries in chemistry world: the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Madame Marie Curie and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies.
    Who was the most famous woman scientist in the history before Marie Curie?  [read more...]

    The first and only scientist women for centuries was Ipazia. Ever heard of her?
     Read her story by clicking

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    W.I.N. conference 2011 - Roma, Italy - October 5-7 th, 2011

    Save the date : the W.I.N. Conference will take place on 5,6,7th October  in Rome.

    "The W.I.N. conference is the most extraordinary global leadership program providing leaders with the vision, strategies, environment, skills… and network needed to succeed in today’s global world"

    To know more about it click here

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