The 7th Edition of the Women's Forum Global Meeting will be held on 13-15 October 2011 in Deauville, France.

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The 7th Edition of the Women's Forum Global Meeting will be held on 13-15 October 2011 in Deauville, France.

2011 is proving itself a year of the improbable becoming reality. From the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia to the earthquake in Japan, the world we took for granted has been knocked off its axis, to land in unanticipated new configurations and arrangements.

The Women’s Forum has chosen for its 7th edition to draw inspiration from these remarkable events, and to hold the 2011 Global Meeting on the theme of What if?: Challenge, imagination, commitment. The focus is on what the future could bring us, politically, economically, socially, and technologically, and what committed actors can do to tip the balance for a better world.  Unique to the Women’s Forum, women’s voices and perspectives are featured along with their male counterparts in plenaries addressing scenario-driven major issues for people and the earth. The spirit of the plenary discussions – and the 7th edition overall – is to forecast how our world is changing, and what we can do to shape this change.


The Women's Forum is a unique opportunity for EuropeanPWN members to network and engage with influential decision-makers - both men and women - from global organisations and institutions on the important issues that concern us. And engaging more with executive businessmen is a key part of our strategy to accelerate gender balance in professional life.


Marijo Bos attended the Women’s Forum in 2010 and joined up with other EuropeanPWN members who were there from France and Spain.   “It’s an incredibly motivating 3 days with outstanding and accomplished senior women from around the world….truly leaders in their fields!   The event has numerous breakouts and special sessions and is organized so you have the opportunity to meet these women and to also attend sessions and connect with leading executive men on various business, compelling social and environmental topics.”


To help make attendance more affordable for more members, we have negotiated a Special EuropeanPWN "Firstimers" Discount  as follows:

If a minimum of five (5) Network Members register to the Event through the Network, all Network Members having registered to the Event through the Network shall benefit from the following reduced rates:

EuropeanPWN Firstimers Single Individual rate :Network Members from companies with over 250 employees are entitled to a reduced tariff of three thousand euros (3000) excl. VAT. (Normally €4000)

EuropeanPWNFirstimers SME rate:  Members from companies with under 251 employees are entitled to a reduced tariff of two thousand euros (€2000) excl. VAT. (Normally €2500)

NGO rate: EuropeanPWN Members who are full time employees of a government recognised charitable organization are entitled to the NGO tariff of one thousand five hundred euros ( 1500) excl. VAT.

An bulk e-mail will be sent to all EuropeanPWN members on Monday to inform them of the special rates for this major event.

We hope that we will have a significant presence at this year's Women' Forum, so please make sure that members of your city network receive are fully informed. Thankyou on behalf of Marijo and the the European Federation Board.


Kindest regards

Hilary Ellis

President EuropeanPWN-Paris

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